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Trending On Youtube: “Taaron Ke Shehar” Sung By Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal Is Nice But The Video Is So Weird

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I often go over to Youtube to check what people are watching. Not because of anything else but it always throws up surprises and not always pleasant ones. For example, today in the number one spot on Youtube India is Taaron Ke Shehar a song sung by Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal. The video features Neha Kakkar and Sunny Kaushal. Now, I have nothing against this song. It seems perfectly hummable. Nice even. But then because I was on Youtube, I watched the video as well.

Shouldn’t have. Look, I do understand that making an entire story line for a 2 minute video might be a big ask. You have to sort of sum up everything you want to say without it being so overpowering that it takes over the song and the video is all you remember. But a literal translation of Taaron Ke Shehar is a bit much.

Allow me to explain why this video has got my goat. Not to be confused by a song of the same name by Diljit Dosanjh. So the video starts off in what is obviously a stand off between the police and people who have robbed a bank. We see the lights, we see guns trained at the bank, we see a man with salt and pepper hair who, I am sorry for being rude, but is utterly incompetent and thrown off by these bank robbers, much like we are. We are thrown off, but not incompetent. Or maybe we are but it’s not important.

Anyway, the bank robbers, clad in what could be bank robber attire or a costume for a BDSM party, know that they are cornered. They look at each other longingly/’oh fuck we are going to die’ and then proceed to, get this, start dancing, right in the line of fire. A helicopter appears, a rope is thrown, the lovers, entwined are pulled up and taken away. The police continues to shoot at them but either these guys are deaf, daredevils or just plain stupid because they are unperturbed. Also, at what point will police everywhere be able to aim correctly? Or are we just going to keep killing people by kneeing them (she did that!). Anyway, these guys (Neha Kakkar and Sunny Kaushal) look around like the bullets are fireworks and instead of being scared shitless, look around like ‘wow, we did that.’

They then proceed to fly for a bit thereby justifying the title of the song Taaron Ke Shehar. The two leads then swim around in the money, as you must when you rob a bank. Then, quite confidently (I must ask, is the confidence arising from the stupidity?) they walk into a cafe and when people stare at them, given that there was media and they just committed a bank robbery and their pictures are plastered everywhere, they are taken aback. Almost like’ Why would you arrest two individuals that have broken the law because can’t you see we’re in love?’ which is by far the dumbest logic I have come across. They leave the cafe in a swanky car, get stopped by the police. But no one is in any hurry because Sunny proceeds to hug and put a ring on Neha’s finger before they step out of the car. Why is this police force with aforementioned incompetent man, so fucking relaxed? I have so many questions!

The two lovers are then separated by the police but of course, they struggle free and run to hug. At which point, thankfully, the video ends and we hear a gunshot. That would be the audience shooting themselves. Taaron Ke Shehar is a nice song, the video makes you want to clean your eyes with acetone.

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