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#Trending : Netizens Got Together To Return A Stolen Teddy To A Woman Because There Was A Special Memory In It. Ryan Reynolds Helped!

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When it comes to describing human beings, especially in the current scenario, one of the first adjective that our minds jumps to, is vain. Us humans are vain beings, who are more often than not fascinated by superficiality. And while there is no second-guessing the fact many a times we spend life living on the surface, it is also true that in cases when we don’t, we end up getting attached with all of our heart and soul. Be it a relationship you share with your partner, your parents, a sibling or even a friend, there are times when the bond you create is so special, that even after they leave you, their memory doesn’t and to preserve that memory, we often go to unimaginable lengths.

Like a woman in Vancouver, Canada, who upon finding out that her mother had cancer, had recorded her voice in a talking teddy bear, that when pressed would play a voice note of her late mother. But call it a tragic turn of events or just sheer bad luck, soon after, the precious teddy bear that held on to the last memories of her mother, was stolen and nowhere to be found.

Devastated and heartbroken, Mara Soriano looked frantically for her stolen backpack that carried the teddy. As her story went around, a twitter user also posted an earnest appeal on the internet to help her find her priceless teddy bear, which went viral in no time. So much so that famous Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds also made an attempt to help Maria by not just sharing the tweet also offering a price of USD 5,000 to anyone who returned the bear back to Maria, “Zero questions asked,” he added.

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Seems like the heavens had mercy on Mara, for with the help of the netizens, she was reunited with the teddy bear and couldn’t contain her happiness. Just as we couldn’t contain our happy tears. She took to twitter and wrote, “BREAK OUT THE @AviationGin, @VancityReynolds!!! MAMABEAR IS HOME!!! #FOUNDMARASBEAR”. 

In a following tweet she also wrote, “NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH ON HER! Two kind samaritans returned her to us in a safe space, voice is there, just no glasses,” and the fact that people who did not even know her personally, got together to help her out was a thing to celebrate in itself. Guess, the joy in Mara’s eyes at being reunited with this last memory of her mother was worth all the effort.

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