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#Trending : Manisha Koirala Talks About How After Fighting Cancer, Coronavirus Doesn’t Scare Her Anymore. She’s Such A Ray Of Positivity

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A few months ago, when all of us were picked up like puppets and dropped into our houses, we collectively lost our shit. Coronavirus, which has become a household name, at that time was the like the word “Voldemort” from the Potter-verse, that would grow in power every time it was uttered out loud. And even though people came around to the idea of saying the word, they still haven’t come around to the idea of living in its presence and aftermath.

It is understandable too, because during this pandemic, it’s like nothing can be predicted and we can’t be sure of anything anymore. But it is on days that we lose ourselves to blinding pessimism that we need to remind ourselves of just how much stronger a struggle like this could make us. Just like Manisha Koirala, who after coming face-to-face with death after cancer, says that coronavirus doesn’t scare her anymore. And maybe a few years down the road, having come out of the covid-19 phase, we too will find ourselves braver. Or at least that’s what I like to think

Manisha Koirala, an actress whose films many of us have not just grown up watching but who has also been an idol for a lot of us, has been one of the most valiant ones in the industry. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2012, but did not let that deter her from being full of life and hope. After having undergone 11 hour surgeries and countless chemotherapy sessions, while battling the blues of cancer, Manisha stayed strong and today is as healthy as ever.

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Talking about the pandemic we live in, she shared, “I’ve faced a worse storm in my life. In comparison this seems easy. I am calm. I am meditating. I am doing yoga. I am spending time with my plants. I am connecting with nature. After years we can hear birds chirping in Mumbai. I am spending time with my parents. I’ve never felt so calm and at peace before,” and honestly, it is a great perspective and the way of life that one needs to be grateful for.

We spend days cooped up in our houses, cribbing of not having our basic privileges back, while we forget how staying alive and healthy is the greatest privilege we can ask for. It is after such life changing experiences, that one realises the importance of little things, and Manisha Koirala seems to be using her realisations to a fuller use, as she spends her days in gratitude and comforting solitude.

Guess we can all learn a thing or two from her, and assume we’re going to come out of it just fine. After all, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

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