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#Trending : CM Of Punjab To Distribute 50K Smartphones To Young Girls To Help Them Continue Their Education. What A Thoughtful Initiative

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Every time I so much as to even begin whining about the current situation we’re all prisoned in , my parents are quick to cut me off right there and remind me of how ungrateful I am being. This is an approach that they have had since when I was little and wouldn’t eat my greens. They’d have to talk to me about all the kids starving on the roadside and it would make me realise how entirely grateful I am to have food on my plate. And this lesson is more than fitting right now.

We sit in our air conditioned houses, groceries being delivered to our doorstep, struggling only to find the next great show on Netflix, while people out there are really grappling to make ends meet. Most of them young school students, who with virtual learning put into place, have found it hard to continue their education, considering they didn’t have access to laptops or smart phones. But seems like their prayers are finally being answered, for in a positive news, 50 thousand girls are going to receive free smartphones in Punjab.

A decision that was taken by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, where he promised a free distribution of smartphones to the youth, is finally being turned into reality as he shared that the first consignment of 50 thousand  smartphones has come in (not from China), and is ready to be given out.

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Holding a video-conference with Punjab Youth Congress president Birender Dhillon and his team, he announced, “The phones will be given first to girl students of government schools of classes XI and XII, with priority to those who do not have a phone so that their online learning can be facilitated amid the pandemic.” And for the government to be so mindful and proactive in lending support to young children, especially girls, in such grave times is commendable and much appreciated.

It was shared that the order at first was about to be cancelled, for it was assumed to be shipped in from China. But having confirmed that it would come in from India, the CM went through with it and would now be seen taking the first step into educating, emboldening and supporting the youth. It is great to see that at least education is not going to suffer for little girls in Punjab, and hopefully this gesture would encourage other states to open their hearts too.

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