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#Trending: Bhabhiji Papad Is What A Union Minister Is Claiming Will Help Cure Coronavirus. What Even?

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Ever since the pandemic took over our country a few months ago, there has been no dearth of people coming up with bizarre cures to the coronavirus. At first, people believed that drinking cow urine is the magic cure and then that was replaced with people chanting prayers to the goddess Corona Devi and then, of course, how can we leave Baba Ramdev’s Coronil disaster out of this list? Seriously, I am beginning to think we will believe just about anything. But honestly, the fact that people believed all this, really scares me. 

The truth is, we are so desperate for a cure that people are coming up with some very bizarre ideas. Like, President Trump’s ‘inject bleach’ suggestion or that Pakistani politician who had the ingenious idea that sleep will cure coronavirus. What the hell goes on in these people’s heads? What part of their brains tells them, “yeah, this makes sense, let’s say it out loud”? Maybe they should all drink cow urine and chant, “corona ma ki jai” that will surely cure everything.  

Joining the ranks of mind-numbing (for the lack of a nicer word) ridiculousness is one of our very own Union Ministers. You see, the union minister for state and parliamentary affairs and heavy industries, Arjun Ram Meghwal, just launched a pappad brand named Bhabhi Ji Papad. Please tell me you see where I am going with this? Also, what kind of a name is that? 

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In the promotional video that is being circulated on Twitter, our dear minister can be heard claiming that eating this brand of papad will help us fight the coronavirus. How? I am so glad you asked. Meghwal claims that this papad helps in developing antibodies that will fight the virus. Now, unless he has made a miracle vaccine for corona faster than any other country on earth and mixed it in this papad’s dough, I don’t see how any of his claims are possible. In fact, it’s astonishing that he believes this. 

Meghwal says in the video, “Under the Aatmanirbhar initiative, Bhabhi Ji Papad has been launched. It can help develop antibodies to fight the coronavirus.” 

I have heard of people doing a lot of weird things to sell their product, but this has crossed over into being amusing and not at all believable. Now, normally I would be super annoyed because this is adding to the lot of misinformation that is already being passed around. But, I am not that worried since no one in their right mind will believe that a papad possesses the secret cure to a virus that is terrorising the whole world. 

As soon as this video surfaced, netizens have had a field day with it. Obviously. This is like giving a hungry kid, cake. Check out some of their reactions: 

Going by this logic, I think we should change the proverb to- “A papad a day keeps the doctor away”? Don’t you think it has a nicer ring to it?

Although I just have to say, if one of our union ministers is claiming that papad can cure coronavirus, I think we have a lot of things to think over.

That being said, am I the only one who found this extremely amusing?

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