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#Trending: Anurag Kashyap Says Wives Don’t Have To Be Handled. He’s The Kind Of Feminist We Need

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Dear men, this might come as a shock to you but women are not objects you have to control or manage. For years, we have been treated like we are hysterical or unhinged and only useful to birth babies and cook food. Though the thinking has changed over time, the underlying stereotype remains. Have you ever heard the way a man jokes around about his wife? It’s always the same things- nagging, uncontrollable, talks too much, makes life miserable. The kind of jokes that circulate on whatsapp and are funny to exactly 2 people. But there is hope. 

Teaching logic to people is filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Who said all men were the same? Some of them can actually see past all the stereotypical bullshit. 

Let me give you some context. Now, we all know that Anurag Kashyap has been married twice, right? First, to film editor Aarti Bajaj, with whom he has daughter Aaliyah, and actor Kalki Koechlin. Now, to most of us, this is no big deal. We understand that sometimes things just don’t work out and marriages fail. However, there are a few ignorant idiots with access to social media who look for reasons and ways to say bitter and usually rubbish things about others. 

And that is exactly what when down here. A troll replied to one of Anurag’s tweets saying, “Ek biwi nahi sambhli, chale hai gyaan baatne (You could not handle one wife, yet you are trying to impart knowledge).” 

Now, this is problematic and the perfect example of the kind of stereotyping that I was talking about. Why do men need to “sambhalo” women anyway? It’s all rubbish.

Of course, Anurag has always spoken his mind. Though this time, he did a fabulous job of it. He hit back saying that women don’t need to be taken care of since they can take care of themselves. He also said that his wives were not anyone’s slaves that he would keep them locked up. 

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His tweet read, “Auraton ko sambhalna nahi padta, woh khud ko sambhal sakti hai aur tumko aur tumhare khandaan ko bhi. Jab nahi jama, woh chali gayi. Ghulam nahi thi kisi ki, ki main baandh ke rakhta. Baaki aapka mahaul theek hai na
“(Women do not need to be handled, they can handle themselves as well as you and your entire family. When it did not work out between us, she left. She was not some slave that I would keep her tied up. So, how are things with you)?”

And that’s how you school trolls who think they can say whatever they want and get away with it. Anurag’s reply was bang on. I really wish all the men who have ever shared those ridiculous wife jokes, read this tweet. I honestly feel all social media platforms need to include an entrance test on their sign up forms to weed out the idiots. 

Why can’t all men have this on-point mentality?

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