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#Trending : Actors And Women Rights Groups Petition For A Safer Environment For Women Online. Let’s Hope This Stops The Rape Threats And Abusive DMs

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At the risk of sounding bitter, but also a realist, I will admit that growing up has come at the cost of me becoming cynical in nature. And that’s a big leap, considering I was once the eternal optimist. From being the kind who’d mock the existence of unicorns to turning into someone who now mocks the idea of women ever being safe in this country, my beliefs have done a 180 degree shift and for good reason. Even more so since the lockdown was announced, because as always the women in this country were failed, because the headlines still reeked of crimes against women. Guess a few things even the pandemic can’t change.

Just as the world shifted on its axis, landing us in an alternate reality, one that is dominantly digital, crime and hate against women wasn’t far behind in following suit. For those of you who thought that women are safest in the confines of their home, think again, because with the cases of cyber crime, bullying and harassment growing by the second, it’s almost as if crime is the only genre where women aren’t discriminated against.

Hijacking our social media accounts, hurling abuses on zoom calls, dropping vile and abusive slurs on our posts and pictures, whoever said the world is a better place for womankind now, was definitely a man. And keeping this in mind, in an attempt to create a better and more safer world for women are various women rights groups in India that are petitioning for safe online spaces for women.

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Headlining the petition #IndiaAgainstAbuse are actresses Sayani Gupta and Manavi Gagroo along with Save the Children and Breakthrough India groups, that have gathered over 70,000 plus signatures in just a little over a week, to fight for a safer, more respectful and kinder platform for women.

Standing up against this culture of abusive trolling, rape threats, vulgar memes and more, women are now standing up against the system to take some action and not let this harassment slide by just because it’s not a physical threat. These women are demanding stricter action, stronger penalties and firm deterrents from policy makers and digital platforms in order to bring about a change that will stick.

Pragya Vats, the head of campaigns at Save the children remarked how, “Being a girl in India is synonymous with fear – a fear that lurks not just in dark alleys, unlit lanes and secluded public spaces, but also shows the dark side of the World Wide Web. There is an urgent need to make all possible efforts to bring to a full stop any kind of trolling and digital bullying that children face.”

An online threat is just as valid, mind numbing and disturbing to us, as a physical threat and unless we understand the gravity of it, it’s difficult to nip it in the bud. We laud these women for their efforts, and support them with our own signatures. It’s about time we bring some order to this chaos.

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