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#Trending : A Woman In Gurgaon Refuses Her Househelp A Raise And Writes A Post About ‘Maids Being Maids’. Netizens Call Her Out On Her Classism.

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It is true that only when one gets the taste of their own medicine, do they realise where they’ve gone wrong in life. And for most of us, that bitter taste came with the pandemic. Every privilege, every entitlement and every thing that we otherwise took for granted was taken away from us in one fell swoop, as we were all put in isolation, with only family members and chores for company. Like a bad break-up, the transition was difficult, unrelenting and borderline brutal for people like me who hadn’t picked up a broom ever before in their lives.

But well, as everyone adapted themselves to this particular crash course in life, one would’ve imagined people to finally exhibit gratitude for all the things that they earlier took granted for. Like your househelp, without whom you’d find yourself living in a complete mess. Except, one particular woman from Gurgaon was far from showing any signs of gratitude, as she refused to give her a raise during such troubled times.

Disregarding all that they do for us, to bring order to our chaos, and how they survive almost on no perks and benefits that people like us comfortably live off of, in our cushy well-paid jobs, this woman put up a nasty and discriminating post for her house help, describing her recent experience with her.

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Sharing how apparently even after treating her maid like a part of her family, she was appalled at her asking for a raise, this woman questioned the audacity and loyalty of her househelp and mocked at her for throwing tantrums when called to resume work.

Now, whether the maid was being fairly paid or not, the fact that she was ready to risk her life to come back to work at a time when even stepping out of the house is dangerous, says enough about how desperately she must’ve needed money. And to bargain with someone over a little raise and who might be in more need of cash than you, considering they live a hand-to-mouth life, this was insensitive on the part of the employer, to forget. As also pointed out by several netizens who called her out on her stink of privilege and class.

Having realised just how difficult it is to lead life without those who make it easy for us, it is also a good time for us to take into account how under-appreciated they are. It’s time to step into the shoes of others for once and be kind to others when they need it the most. It is the least we can do to help others during a pandemic.

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