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10 Destinations To Head To For 2016 NYE

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Time really does fly, huh? Another year is almost over and the hopes for a better one has been reinstated. If someone asks me what my new year resolution is, it would definitely be to travel, explore, and experience more of the world. But why wait for the year to end to do that? Life is all about now or never, so celebrate NYE at a place that instills the feeling of joy and happiness in you. We all have that one location that we want to tick off of our bucket lists, but there are some places that can be called pros in celebrating New Year’s Eve in style. If you are visiting one of these destinations then you are super lucky and, if not, you can always plan for next year. After all, the years seem to be passing pretty quickly.

Check out our top 10 destinations for ringing in the new year and, not surprisingly, all of them are pretty big on fireworks. And let me tell you, it was hard for me to not put Iceland on the list, as the land of Northern lights will always be my first pick!


New Year In New Orleans_Hauterfly

Saint Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square

1. New Orleans, USA

This major port in the States will make sure you have the most memorable NYE ever. Jackson Square, the city’s central point, is where all things fun happen. From live music to food stalls, this spot sure is LIT. As soon as the clock strikes 12, there is the traditional New Orleans fleur-de-lis drop and the fireworks light up the sky over the Mississippi River. Throughout December every year, restaurants offer something called a reveillon dinner, which is basically a yummy multi-course tasting meal.


New Year In Melbourne_Hauterfly

Melbourne’s skyline on NYE

 2. Melbourne, Australia

If you are a party animal then you have to head to Melbourne! Every street is buzzing with parties, especially masquerade ones. Fireworks can be seen from any part of the city, as they all go up in the air at the same moment. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best part? Most of these parties have free entry.


New Year In Bangkok_Hauterfly

River cruises in Bangkok

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital comes alive in the last week of December. River cruises offering the best packages take you around the city under a splendid sky full of fireworks. However, apart from that, you can also witness sky lanterns, hundreds of them floating away together at midnight. The Central World Square is the liveliest place, as this is where the biggest shopping arcade in the world is situated.


New Year In Valparasio_Hauterfly

Biggest fireworks in South America take place in Valparaiso

4. Valparaiso, Chile

Like Melbourne, Valparaiso in Chile lights up on New Year’s Eve, and it is a sight that should not be missed. Apart from the club scenes, you can enjoy a great camping trip at the picturesque hilly regions of this gorgeous city. In fact, it is possible to visit Pablo Neruda’s home here too! A great start to the year for all you Narcos fans, right?


New Year in Edinburgh_Hauterfly

New Year market at Princess Street Gardens

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is a must-attend 2-day festival, starting on December 31 — it’s one of those things you must do before you die. See Shetland Vikings bearing firelit torches, listen to the beautiful choirs singing in St Giles’ Cathedral, enjoy dancing to traditional Scottish music in the Old Town, and watch top stars and incredible fireworks from Princes Street Gardens.


New year In Barcelona_Hauterfly

Magic Fountain light shown in Barcelona

6. Barcelona, Spain

Magic Fountain is the place that most locals and tourists make a beeline for during New Year’s Eve. True to its name, the experience is pure magic with a clock made out of cyber lights that lights up the whole sky at midnight. IT is undoubtedly a stunning moment. Enjoy a luxurious dinner at Flaherty’s or a quick one at the Marula cafe — take your pick and have a blast.

New Year In London_Hauterfly

London firework’s at the Tower Bridge

7. London, United Kingdom

Crowds of almost 25,000 people gather at the banks of the River Thames and wait for the Big Ben to strike 12. Fireworks light up the London sky and the best places to catch the splendid view are the Victoria Embankment, Waterloo, or the Westminster bridges. Sit and have a lovely candlelit dinner in the many cafes that line the river. It is one of those moments that will make you thank God for being alive.


New Year In Rio De Janerio_Hauterfly

Fireworks at the Copacabana beach

8. Rio De Janerio, Brazil

The Copacabana beach is where all the celebrations take place and this is one place that should be on every water baby’s bucket list. With concerts on boats and fireworks that go up from a thousand yachts at the same time, rest assured you’ll be spellbound. Sip on some champagne, dance the samba, and toss flowers in the water, as a yearly ritual. Extravagant carnival costumes and the festivities will add some much-needed colour to your life!


New Year In Hong Kong_Hauterfly

Celebrations at the Victoria Harbour

9. Hong Kong, China

I’ll never tire of saying that Hong Kong sure has the best firework display on this planet. What sets it apart is the kickass pyrotechnic show that has an 8-minute light shower show with sounds that reach all the way to the Victoria Harbour and the Times Square. But remember to reach early, like 8 hours early, to catch a good spot for the show.


New Year In Vienna_Hauterfly

Graben Street on NYE

10. Vienna, Austria

Vienna will offer you a rich cultural experience and if you like starting your celebrations early, this is your calling. Classical musical concerts, ballroom dances, and some of the best symphonies in the world will keep you entertained right from 2 pm till the wee hours of the morning. While you are there, enjoy some hot mulled wine and delicious toffee apples!


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