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7 Summer Getaways That Will Literally Make Your Long Weekend!

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When people say that they don’t believe in miracles, I don’t understand that phrase. Like isn’t a weekend — that is not two days, but three — a legit miracle? It is the kind of bliss that doesn’t show up often, but when it does, you have to celebrate it.

While staying at home doing absolutely nothing is a totally acceptable way to spend the long weekend, why waste all that precious time doing nothing?

It’s the perfect opportunity to take off for a quick getaway and cut off from the world as you know it. We all need a break from the usual, and when the long weekend is knocking at your door, make the extra effort to plan your time off. Pack your bags and leave, girls. Also, who can say no to a road trip?

Check out these 7 getaways that will rejuvenate you and help you get back to life with a new perspective. 

1. Chail, Delhi

April is the best time to visit the hilly region of Chail, which is 6 hours away from the capital by road. This mystic and serene locale will transport you straight into a fairytale, and you’ll probably never want to leave. Snowcapped peaks and Deodar trees will welcome you with open arms.

Though it is quite close to Shimla, it isn’t as crowded and that’s what makes Chail stand out. Those of you who love solitude and nature, this is the place you need to be.

Where to stay: One of the landmarks is the Palace Hotel, and will give you the best experience of a luxurious stay.


2. Pawna Lake, Mumbai

At first you will find it hard to believe that a gorgeous location like Pawna Lake exists within 2 hours of Mumbai and Pune. As the name suggests, it is a lake surrounded by hills and is as picturesque as it can get.

If you are a sucker for starry skies, then this place will be like heaven for you — we’re not exaggerating. On any given night, you will see shooting stars. Magical!

Where to stay: Out in the open with tents and a good barbecue. If you don’t own a tent, you can rent one from here at a reasonable rate.


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3. Mandarmani, Kolkata

Four hours away from the land of everything sweet, Mandarmani is your ideal beach getaway. If just chilling by the beach and soaking in the goodness of the sun is more your scene, then dive right in.

Enjoy fresh seafood delicacies of the mouthwatering Bengali cuisine and take your taste buds on a joyride. Good food, some beer, and the sunset — do you really need anything else in life? If you’re still not convinced, watch this!

Where to stay: The Sana Beach Resort, a chic boutique hotel by the sea.


4. Gavi, Kerala

An eco-tourist spot, Gavi will make you appreciate the wilderness and its raw beauty. Stay inside the jungle and discover over 260 species of birds and wildlife that live there.

Gavi is home to endangered species like Nilgiri Tahr and Lion-tailed macaque, apart from the famous Kerala elephants. A wildlife sanctuary, Gavi is for those who want to spend some time with nature in all its glory. To know more about the place, click here.

Where to stay: The link above will take you to the Kerala Forest Department’s website, and opt to camp inside the Periyar National Park.


5. Yelagiri, Bangalore

Lakes, waterfalls, hills, temples… Yelagiri is a one-stop place for the best mini vacation. Around 14 tiny villages make up this beautiful place, and if you want to have a relaxed holiday, your search ends here.

A 3-hour drive from Bangalore and a 5-hour one from Chennai, there cannot be a better getaway than this for those living down south. The misty land has wonderful weather throughout the year, which makes it one of India’s best hill stations.

Where to stay: To get a kickass view of the place, book your stay at Hotel Hill Breeze.


6. Cherrapunji, Guwahati

This mini paradise in Meghalaya is the second wettest place on the planet, as it receives rainfall nearly every day. If that’s not a good enough reason to visit this place, we don’t know what is!

Enjoy a 4-hour long drive from Guwahati with Instagram-worthy views. The land of waterfalls will mesmerise you, and yes, will be an amazing escape from the heat!

Where to stay: To enjoy some majestic scenery amidst the hills, stay at Polo Orchid Resort.


7. Bandipur, Hyderabad

Another wildlife sanctuary, this tiger reserve is close to Hyderabad. Situated at the foothills of the Nilgiris, Bandipur is nothing short of magic. This year-round tourist destination is the perfect place to watch migrating birds too, and is a bird-watcher’s dream come true. You’ll also have the opportunity to see deers, bears, monkeys, and more animals.

Where to stay: One look at the Serai Bandipur and you will not  look for accommodation anywhere else.


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