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#HauteHacks: 10 Ways To Pack Like A Pro!

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2016 has been sweet. By this I mean that the year has provided us with ample long weekends. Long weekends mean taking a break from the city and traveling someplace for a bit of peace and quiet, or some fun with friends. I, for one, have already spent two of these long weekends away from the city.

However, the part that’s a little boring about traveling is packing. Sure, the thought of lugging out those suitcases and getting ready to lay them with clothes is kinda exciting! But what do you do when you actually want to carry your entire wardrobe with you on your vacay? What do you do when your suitcase is bursting at the seams?

Generally, you panic. You wonder what it is that you can do to make everything you need fit inside that space. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Read on to discover some super easy packing hacks that’ll turn you into an absolute pro!

1. Roll, Don’t Fold!

Folding your clothes, instead of rolling them up, takes up a lot of space inside your suitcase. Make sure you roll your clothes neatly the next time you pack. You will be surprised at the amount of space that you end up saving.

2. Store Cables In A Sunglass Case

We’ve all been there. Arriving at your destination, needing your charger and diving into the depths of your bag, trying to find it. Wires and chargers end up getting tangled if you just chuck them inside. Better option? Stow them inside your sunglasses case. No tangles, no mess and no time wasted when you need them!

3. Put Breakables Inside Socks

Apart from taking up more space, breakables like perfume bottles are in danger of shattering inside your bag during transit. To avoid that and to save space, slip these bottles inside your socks. Easy peasy!

4. Pack Three Tops For One Bottom

You must have heard this one plenty of times. But it’s actually a really helpful tip. This way, you end up saving space, as tops and tees don’t need that much of it anyway. Besides, you have more of a choice when it comes to the ‘what-do-I-wear’ question.

5. Put Heavier Items At The Bottom

If you’re using a rolling suitcase, make sure to place heavier items down at the bottom, closer to the wheels. This makes it a lot easier to roll your suitcase along.

6. Use A Pill Case To Organise Jewellery

Instead of using those big, chunky boxes to carry your jewellery with you, opt for a pill case. It’s longer and sleeker, and its compartments make organising jewellery the simplest task ever.

7. Place Shoes Inside Shower Caps

Don’t use those drawstring bags for your shoes while packing. A more convenient option is to place your shoes inside shower caps. That way, the soles of your shoes won’t make the clothes dirty. What’s more, drawstring bags are thicker and, thereby, heavier. With a shower cap, you end up saving more space.

8. Use Collared Shirts To Store Belts

If you’re carrying belts with you, roll them up nicely and tuck them inside the collars of shirts. They’ll stay stiff and won’t unravel.

9. Keep Clothes From Wrinkling

Wrinkled clothes are the absolute worst, especially when you’re holidaying. To prevent this, place your clothes inside a dry-cleaning bag before packing it. The plastic will keep wrinkles from setting in.

10. Use Buttons To Pair Earrings

Keep track of pairs of earrings by sliding them inside button holes. Never again will you lose your precious ear-studs.


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