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7 Best Surfing Spots To Catch A Wave In India!

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It’s summer time and you need to get out of your home or office and do something interesting, yes? Young travellers in India are slowly but surely turning to surfing as the go-to adventure sport to experiment with during their summer breaks, and this one’s for all you water babies out there.

India boasts of a vast coastline, making it possible for enthusiasts from around the country to choose from various beaches that have perfect currents and waves ideal for surfing. Needless to day, you can’t just visit the closest beach in your area. It requires very particular wind pressure, wave strength, and appropriate current to be considered a good beach for the activity.

Anyway, what got me so hyped up about surfing is the growing popularity of Ishita Malaviya, who is often touted as India’s first professional female surfer. She says surfing is a form of liberation for her and encourages young girls to try their hand at it. This prompted me to make a list of some of the best beaches to go surfing in India, and surprisingly I’ve found so many!

Here are a few surfing spots in India that you should definitely check out this season:


Surfing in the Little Andamans_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Surfing Little Andaman

1. Butler Bay Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

This island, which is 120 kms away from Port Blair, is the perfect spot for you if you’re looking for a vacation away from the city and close enough to embrace the wilderness. It is considered one of the best surfing destinations in India. The southwest spots are considered ideal for surfing from November to February. A private surfing school called Surfing Little Andaman is the best place for beginners to get introduced to the basics.

Check out Surfing Little Andaman here.


Cocopelli Surf School_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Cocopelli Surf School

2. Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Another perfect spot for beginners is Gokarna. The waves are not too strong and the currents are pretty predictable, making it ideal for the sport. Avoid visiting during monsoon; instead, visit Gokarna between October and May. The Cocopelli Surf School, one of the most well-known in the area, will give you classes that will teach you the correct technique to catch and ride a wave.

Check out Cocopelli Surf School here.


Ishita The Shaka Surf Club_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Shaka Surf Club

3. Paradip Beach, Odisha

If you’re an experienced surfer and are looking to catch some exciting waves, this is the place to be. The beach has long swells and can carry a surfer close to a kilometer. The closest surfing school from Paradip is run by one of India’s only female professional surfers, Ishita Malaviya and her partner Tushar Pathiyan, called the Shaka Surf Club.

Check out Shaka Surf Club here.


Kallialay Surf School_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Kallialay Surf School

4. Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

This former French colony has to be one of the most perfect summer getaways with its old-fashioned villas, beautiful roads, tiny boutiques, and of course, its beaches. It has a few good spots to surf and also unpredictable currents. The Kallialay Surf School is a popular place where they provide lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers.

Check out Kallialay Surf School here.



Courtesy: Soul & Surf

5. Varkala Beach, Kerala

This one has calm waves and is best for beginners. The best time to surf here is from November to March, and has to be strictly avoided during monsoon, which is usually from June to September. If you’re looking for a combo of surfing, yoga, and massages, Soul & Surf is a retreat center that will cater to all these. Unwind and get your inner peace fix here.

Check out Soul & Surf here.


Kovalam Surf Club_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Kovalam Surf Club

6. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Close to Varkala is another popular destination Kovalam beach, which has higher waves and can be a tad risky for beginners because of a point break (any break formed when waves hit a rock or formation of land jutting out from the coastline) a few meters away. October to February is the ideal time to surf in this beach. The Kovalam Surf Club is a surf school that you can check out when you’re in the area. The speciality of this school is that it works for youth empowerment and community development through surfing.

Check out Kovalam Surf Club here.


Manapad Surf Resort_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Manapad Surf Resort

7. Alwars Beach, Tamil Nadu

This is another popular spot that has a distinct coastline formed by layers of lava, which leads to amazing wave formations. It is usually experienced surfers who prefer this place and if you wish to expand your knowledge about surfing and want to meet a few professionals, head to Manapad Surf Resort.

Check out Manapad Surf Resort here.


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