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Back From Your Vacay? Here Are 9 Easy Ways To Beat Jet Lag!

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Holidays are the best part of life. But not when you’re overcome with a serious case of jet lag. Jet lag can be a major pain, right? It can ruin the duration of your stay and it can even put you in a foul mood when you return home. We’ve all been through that. But how many of us really know that there are certain surefire ways to beat jet lag easily?

Say goodbye to the disturbed sleep patterns and annoying headaches. With these 9 helpful tips, you can beat that dreaded jet lag like a pro!


Before You Go…


1. Change Your Sleep Schedule

Jet lag is caused depending on the direction of the flight and not so much its duration. So if you’re going to be traveling towards the west, go to bed later than you usually do. If you’re traveling east, however, make sure you get to bed earlier than usual. This helps your body adjust to the time difference in advance.

2. Plan A Stopover

Ensure that the flight you’re booking has a stopover. A stopover gives you some time to relax and stretch your legs. It also helps your body adjust to the new time zone.

3. Keep Calm

If you’re an anxious traveller, you absolutely MUST learn to stay calm. Stressing out before a flight can be bad news for your nerves. Stress tends to add to the symptoms of jet lag. You don’t want that to happen, do you?


While In Flight…


4. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated while you’re flying, as dehydration tends to double the effects of jet lag. So make sure to keep sipping on water throughout.

5. Get Some Sleep

It sure isn’t easy to fall asleep in an airplane, but you must try. A well-rested body repels jet lag. Use eye-shades or ear plugs to avoid any sort of disturbances while you rest.

6. Eat Light

Don’t lay your hands on anything and everything the stewardesses serve in flight. Eating light is key. If you eat a light meal, you’re keeping your digestive system in check. Say goodbye to an upset stomach.


When You Arrive…


7. Spend Time Outdoors

Getting some light and fresh air after a long flight is very important. When you arrive at your destination, spend a good deal of time outdoors. It will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

8. Take Short Naps

We know you want to be up and about exploring the place you’re in but always try and squeeze in short naps. In this manner, your body tries to recover the sleep that you might have lost out on while traveling.

9. Get Your ‘Anchor’ Sleep

Anchor sleep simply means getting in at least 4 hours of shut-eye in the night at your local time. This will help your body to operate on a 24-hour pattern, allowing you to adjust better to your current time zone.


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