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10 Worldwide Customs To Tickle Your Funny Bone!

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As Indians, we have been exposed to some crazy traditions and customs that sometimes make no sense. Which made me wonder — do other countries follow any crazy practices, too? And the answers was shocking yet hilarious. Some customs were downright cruel and made my blood boil. While the others made me go WTF! And since it’s the festive season, everything happy and bright, here is a list of funny traditions and practices from around the world that will make you laugh till you cry.

PS: a few of them are just lame. Like, really!



1. Applauding When A Plane Lands — Poland

Why this exists, no one knows! Maybe the Polish are just happy to land safely. Imagine everyone clapping every time a plane touches down.



2. Everything Has To Be Eaten With Knife And Fork — Norway

No matter what, be it a sandwich or fries, EVERYTHING has to be eaten with proper cutlery. People will seriously look down on you if you use your hands. Hmmm.



3. Never Show Up On Time — Venezuela

It is considered rude to reach you’r host’s place on time in Venezuela. People are even considered to be greedy and over-eager if they do. Indians, of course, don’t need a custom to be late — we have it in our genes.



4. Don’t Use Salt — Egypt

In Egypt, if you sprinkle extra salt on your food, it is considered to be insulting to the host. It means that the food was not tasty and you require salt to enhance the flavour. Bye-bye salt shakers!



5. Never Gift Flowers — China

The easiest gift to give anybody is a bouquet of flowers. But you will get thrashed if you do so in China! Flowers are associated with funerals and are only given on someone’s death. Also, you don’t gift clocks. Weird people.



6. Sitting Down Before A Trip — Russia

It’s a rule in Russia that the whole family must sit down together before going on a trip, even if it’s for half an hour. So much love is rare!



7. Business Meetings In A Sauna — Finland

Now, before that creeps you out, in Finland it is totally normal to go to a sauna after a meeting or, hell, even have one there. Totally not my scene, but hey, we’re not judging!



8. Couples Finding Ferns — Estonia

During Midsummer or Jaanipäev, couples in Estonia go hunting for ferns in the forest, and it is said that by doing this, their love will blossom. Yeah, what else can sending them alone to a forest result in! Also, single people can follow a set of instructions that night and find out who they will marry. (Wow.)



9. Singles Have To Wear Funny Hats — France

On November 25, which is St. Catherine’s day in France, all single ladies above 25 years have to wear yellow and green hats through the day. However embarrassing this practice is, it is still better than what happens to girls in Denmark. People throw cinnamon at them when they turn 25 and pepper when 30 — only if they are still single.



10. Finger Pulling Fight — Austria

In Austria, Fingerhakeln — or competitive finger-pulling — is a serious sport, with very strict rules. People literally drag each other by just pulling the opponent’s finger. What is cricket? Welcome finger pulling!


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