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5 Web Series That Will Take You On A Journey Of A Lifetime

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Most of us don’t need a reason to travel. We all want to, but little things like time constraints and our jobs kinda sorta get in the way. Then suddenly we snap out of it, put in those leaves, book the tickets, and embark on a journey to discover something new. We just need that push, that moment of realisation that we NEED to travel, and that can come from anything — a movie, book, or even the tales of your neighbour who just came back from Europe.

And currently doing just that are these web series. These under 15-minute weekly episodes are inspiring people to not only go on vacations, but to let go of fears and worries as well. Trust me, sometimes all you need to recover is a quick getaway with your loved ones or a solo trip of self-realisation.

Check out these 5 series that have taken the internet by a storm and are definitely worth a watch.


1. The Trip

Even before the show had started, we knew it would be a hit. And if you haven’t watched this bachelorette girly roadtrip to Thailand yet, you are missing out on a lot of fun. The sexy Lisa Haydon and funny AF Mallika Dua will make you call up your besties and plan a trip, even if none of you are tying the knot. A catchy title track and loads of oomph, watch the first episode above.


2. Way Back Home

If you want to know how extremely beautiful our country is, please start watching this travelogue series by Rohan Thakur STAT. It showcases the gorgeous regions of Himalayas, Leh, and Ladakh. Yes, you are going to cry about being stuck in the city, but you cannot miss out on this beauty.


3. TVF Tripling

Heard about it but too lazy to watch it? Well, it’s about time you do. Three siblings go on a roadtrip to re-discover their lives and simultaneously get to know the world and each other better. If you thought travelling with your brother/sister would be boring, let this web series prove you wrong. The first season is already over, but not to worry, we have exclusive news from the makers that the second season will be out this year.


4. Under The Rupee

Yet another travel series by Rohan Thakur, this one focusses his journey throughout Hungary. The title comes from the fact that Hungary’s currency is valued less than ours, so this is indeed a budget travelogue. I am certain Rohan will convince you to place this country on top of your travel bucket list by doing what he does best — travel.


5. Away From Home

Another one of YouTube channel The Vibe’s productions, this one revolves around the host exploring the mystic and serene beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. So maybe, if not Hungary, Andaman should be your next stop?


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