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12 Best Travel Bags To Accompany You On Every Trip You Take This Summer

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With summer on in full swing and all your leaves in order, most of your travel plans are finally working out. But, before you set off for a new adventure, there is the devil waiting in the wings — well, at least it is for me. And by that I mean PACKING. I hate it with a vengeance and, more often than not, all that I do is dump everything in the bag, disappointing my mother every time.


Travel bags_Hauterfly


And if you do the same, then all you need is a good looking, reliable bag that can keep your dirty secrets safe. Whether you are going for a weekend getaway, a week-long hike to the Himalayas, a month-long luxury tour to Europe, or maybe just a day trip to the beach, you cannot travel without a bag.

But every trip requires a special kind of bag. You cannot carry a suitcase for an overnighter — trust me, you will look stupid. I know girls, we all need to learn the art of packing light and leaving a few things behind. Just a few.

Luckily for you, we have you sorted. Here is a list of kinds of bags to buy for every type of trip you may have planned for this season, so that you travel comfortably, in style, and don’t look like a fool, carrying around your heavy luggage. After all, who wants that excess baggage, right?


A Day’s Rendezvous

You needn’t pack too much for a day trip to a nearby hill station or a quick picnic to the beach. A few dry snacks, sunscreen, lip gloss, deodorant, a portable charger, earphones, shades, and maybe an extra set of clothes are all you need to make the day worth remembering.

A tote, messenger bag, or a small yet stylish backpack are ideal options for such a scenario. Check out the funky picks we found for you:


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

India Circus Roadside Funk Messenger Bag (Rs 2,999)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Asos Skinnydip Denim Cressida Backpack (Rs 3,705 approx.)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Accessorize Cream Shopper Bag (Rs 695)


An Overnight Hustle

If you are going away for a night or 2, you need a little bit more than just your basics and thus, more space. A duffle bag or a larger backpack with sturdy body works in such a case.

Just make sure you don’t try to stuff too much in and, in turn, damage the bag. Yup, been there, done that, way too many times.


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Cath Kidston Green Bowler Bag (Rs 3,173)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Dolce & Gabbana Green Buckled Backpack (Rs 47,450)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Nappa Dori Doctor Bag Beige Canvas (Rs 8,800)


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A Backpacking Trip

The current trend of going on a solo backpacking trip is helping people push out of their comfort zones and be adventurous. It requires you to go through rough terrains and live in hostels that don’t necessarily have too much space.

Your luggage needs to be limited and a high-quality backpack or rucksack is a must. Even if it’s a 2-day hike, your bag needs to be strong.


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Quechua 10L Hiking Backpack (Rs 249)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Wildcraft Creek 50L Orange Rucksack (Rs 2,100)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Quechua 30L Air Backpack (Rs 2,499)


A Luxurious Holiday

Then there are those trips you take with the family, for days together, and for such holidays, you obviously need a suitcase or a stroller. Invest in one that looks good and has enough storage, because it’s not an investment you make every month, right?


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Moladz White/Black Polycarbonate Strolley (Rs 5,249)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Disney Red Polycarbonate Strolley (Rs 4,949)


Travel Bags_Hauterfly

Tommy Hilfiger Navy Blue Cargo Luggage Strolley (Rs 7,000)


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