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Transgender Woman Has Opens Harassment-Free Cafe In Noida After Being Bullied

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There are several different kinds of trauma that one may experience through the course of their lives, one of the most common ones being bullying. An experience that stays with you, being bullied – be it in school or at a workplace, often leaves one with memories that bring a flood of pain. And while many resign to that pain, a few like Urooz Hussain, fight against all odds, stand up against the harassment and change the course of their lives. 

We say this after Urooz Hussain, a transgender woman from Delhi, opened up her own café in Sector 119, Noida in the hopes that her initiative and effort would inspire the community to be just as fearless and brave when it comes to standing up to the society.

She told ANI in an interview, “I was subjected to harassment at my workplaces so I decided to start my own cafe that treats everyone equally. I hope this will inspire others from my community.” And considering how backward and unaccepting people can towards the LGBTQ+ community, we can only imagine the struggles transgender people must go through to simply fit in.

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She continued to say, “People accepted me here, they showered love on me.” And that was perhaps a heartening development to witness. The cafe’s name is ‘street temptations’ and as of this moment, we are tempted to see how it really is.

Hussain didn’t jump into opening her own café overnight either, she first made sure to gain enough experience in the hospitality field, industrial training, and multiple jobs. She shared, “The cafe is harassment-free for all genders, they don’t have to face what I have been through. It is to make my parents proud for having me.” And we are sure, they will be.

Although a lot has worked out in her favour, of course through her own efforts and endeavours, she too has faced quite a few challenges. She says, “We face issues when we hire people for the cafe. I knew that if I lose courage, I will break and I did not want to break.” And such determination is what probably inspires others to follow suit and demonstrate equal courage confidence.

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