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Top 5 Tips To Clean Your Laptop

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These days laptops are worth as much, or even more than, the cost of selling one of your organs, so taking care of it is a huge deal! Most of us treat our laptops like babies but if you’re particular about cleaning, you *could* be a little careless. But only, because you want it clean! Hold off on the intense scrubbing, or the aggressive detergent solution, there’s hacks to cleaning your laptop and we’ve them all here.


1. Dust

Living in a city where dust accumulates in no time can be a problem for your gadgets. A microfiber cloth is the best bet to remove dust off of your laptop screen. It will do the job just right without leaving any lint or scratching the surface of the screen. The best way to prevent dust all together is to shut it down when it is not in use.

2. Dirt

There will be times when there is more than just dust on the screen, and the microfiber cloth won’t do the job. This is when you can take a damp sponge to wipe the dirt away. Make sure the sponge is not too wet in order to avoid drips all over the screen which can affect the functioning of the device.

3. Sticky things like oil

When you are stuffing popcorn while watching Netflix, and touch the screen, there will be oil marks left on it, which won’t come off with the damp sponge either.  In fact, you might end up spreading it around. So, you need to pull out the big guns, like a screen cleaning spray and remove these marks with the microfiber cloth. You can even use a mixture of water and vinegar for this.

4. Touch pad

The touch pad on the laptop is really sensitive, so treat it with care.  Clean it up with a sponge and use very little pressure. Ensure that the sponge is not too wet in order to avoid the water from seeping in through the sides of the pad.

5. Keyboard and outlets

There are several other parts of the laptop, apart from the screen, that can be a bit tricky to clean. Use a medical cotton swap to get the dirt out of these places.  Avoid inserting it into any ports, or jacks. You can even use a small portable vacuum to pull out all the hair, crumbs and dirt without touching any of the keys.


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