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5 Quick Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

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You know summer is here when even the thought of going outside makes you cringe, when denims become your last resort, and coffee gets replaced by cold coffee. The temperature is all good when you’re on a holiday, at the beach, but when you have to travel to work with a number of equally sweaty human beings, under the blazing sun, summer doesn’t seem like a happy season. But we don’t really have an option to erase the next few months from our life, do we?


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

Apart from a really long getaway to the Himalayas and paying off huge AC bills, here are a few easy steps you can take in order to make your life a little cooler.


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

1. Try This Yoga Trick

As always, yoga is here to save the day. This quick breathing technique, called Sheetali Pranayama, is known for lowering your body temperature. Curl your tongue and breathe in through your mouth and exhale from the nose. Repeating this a few times will help you calm down and will reduce your body temperature. And you can do this anywhere, provided people don’t find you creepy.


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

2. Pulse Cooling

Another trick is to apply ice for about 30 seconds on your pulse area, near the wrist, to help lower your body temperature. Doing the same behind the knee area also helps, but the wrist is just more accessible.


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

3. Peppermint Tea Spray

Everyone knows that peppermint has cooling powers, so this easy DIY will sort your life during summer. Just make some peppermint tea and freeze it. Use it as a face mist to keep cool at all times!


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

4. Unplug Electronics

When you are at home, unplug any electronics that you aren’t using, as wires and such gadgets produce a lot of heat and, in turn, increase the temperature of the room.


Tips To Beat The Heat_Hauterfly

5. Use A Hot Water Bag

Repurpose your trusty hot water bag in this season to do something different. Fill it with water and keep it in the freezer for a while. When it is all cold and nice, keep it with you like it’s your bae! Cuddle away, girl.


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