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Throwback Thursday: This Song From Govinda And Karisma Kapoor’s Raja Babu Is All About Harassment And Obscene Pelvic Thrusts

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I have been revisiting a lot of Bollywood songs from the 90s and while some of them are really quite fun, a lot of them promote harassment. And you don’t understand the intensity of it, unless you watch the video. Like I had written about this song Akeli na bazaar jaaye karo from Major Saab (1998) and I used to love that song as a child. When I grew up, I figured that the lyrics itself talk about curbing the freedom and  mobility of women but it was only after I watched the video that I understood the kind of shit that goes on in it. From manhandling, touching inappropriately to violating consent and the concept of personal space, this song has it all. Similarly, I stumbled upon this hideous treasure from the past – aa ee oo o mera dil na todo from Raja Babu (1994) featuring a creepy Govinda and a mortified Karisma Kapoor.

As the song begins, you can see Karisma being all petrified and running in some sort of countryside with tall trees. And she is being cornered by not men, but a bunch of women! I mean, what kind of women partake in the harassment of another woman? Anyway, you go further into the song and witness Govinda lifting up his kurta to put in display his crotch, and thrust it ardently. Did Karisma ask to see it? I don’t think so.

At some point in the video, when he is not satisfied by exhibiting creepy AF body language, he does something that I couldn’t make any sense of. He opened up Karisma’s mouth and put his thumb on her tongue leaving her feeling shocked and understandably so. This kinda manhandling is a theme that I have noticed in several Bollywood songs from the 90s. The actor treats the actress like a puppet and uses his physical strength to make her physically do anything he likes. That’s a skill you will find in the CV of every assaulter.

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Of course, with the song, the shady acts become worse. He lifts her skirt up, forcefully grabs her, makes her sit on his crotch and feels her butt before pushing her off like it’s funny. He then puts his head on her chest before doing the crotch reveal and thrust step again. Was that supposed to be sexy? Are you enticing a woman by exposing your genitals to her and showing they are still functional? Such obscene body language and sexual harassment from people who claim to be in love with us. Disgusting!

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