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Three Men Gang Raped A Woman In Front Of Her Husband And Also Made A Video Of The Crime

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Have you ever felt unsafe while travelling at night? Even if you aren’t alone, it feels like someone is going to jump out from behind the buildings and you’re going to be in serious danger. Does your mind race and jump to worst-case scenarios? That’s what happens to me. Every time I feel like that, I start making up escape strategies in my head. But that only escalates the anxiety. This happens to most women and it can easily be chalked up to the fact that our country has no concept of women’s safety. Every day, women get brutally raped and most of those cases are buried so deep that they don’t even see the light of day. The ones that do are like a cry for help. Like this case in UP for instance. A woman was gang-raped in front of her husband. The accused even made an obscene video of the crime. It’s bone-chilling.

The shocking incident happened in UP’s Agra district on Monday. The victim was allegedly gang raped by three men, in front of her husband. In her police complaint, the woman said that she and her husband were on their way to her parent’s house in the Etmauddaula area. Out of nowhere, three men intercepted their motorcycle, thrashed the couple and dragged them to a nearby jungle. There the three accused took turns to rape the woman and also made a video of the crime.

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According to reports, before fleeing the crime scene, the three accused stole Rs 10,000 from the couple and all their belongings. Responding to the complaint, the police sent the woman for a medical examination and formed a team to catch the three accused. The police have booked three suspects. Basically, women aren’t safe anywhere. And who said women won’t be raped if they are married and travel with their husbands? Oh yeah, our politicians.

India is in desperate need of initiatives that actually work towards building a safe environment for women. Especially in states like UP where women are at risk for even breathing. For how long are we going to let women suffer in this way?

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