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Three Men Belonging To A YouTube Channel Crew Were Arrested For Harassing Women To Get Views.

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Up until a few years ago, making YouTube videos was barely a hobby and definitely not a profession. However, now, every third person you meet has their own channel. YouTubers or content creators are increasing by leaps and bounds and obviously, everyone wants maximum engagements on their channel. There isn’t much they won’t do to get views and subscribers. The ‘by hook or by crook’ philosophy is taken very seriously. Some YouTubers even go as far as harassing women to get more views. It’s sickening. 

This incident took place on Elliot’s Beach in Chennai. Three members of a YouTube channel, The anchor, Azem Badshah, cameraman Ajay Babu and owner of the channel M. Dinesh, were arrested for reportedly asking women and couples uncomfortable questions and filming them.  

According to the police, the anchor and cameraman would target women and couples on the beach and ask them uncomfortable questions. The replies and reactions were then uploaded on their YouTube channel to get more views. According to reports, they also planted some women in the crowd and made them answer inappropriate questions. The obscene channel had uploaded 200 such videos and 7 crore people had seen them.

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If this isn’t’ enough, the crew also threatened a local fisherwoman who was against them making such videos. It was based on her complaint that the police nabbed the anchor and cameraman. They later arrested the owner of the YouTube channel as well for harassing women. 

This is just horrible. I understand wanting to get as many views and subscribers as possible but there is a line you just can’t cross. Harassing women by asking them obscene questions just to get views is disgusting. I am glad these three men have been arrested.

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