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Three Grandmothers Who Have Been BFFs For 40 Years Moved In Together To Binge On Netflix And Wine While In Quarantine. We Want In Too.

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Self-quarantine is really important but most of us aren’t really happy doing it. Like yes, there are some pros to it. I feel self-isolation is like the universe is giving me some tough love and asking me to slow down and fix my life. It’s worked wonders for my borderline alcoholism, messed up love life and my anxieties. I have had time to reflect on what I really want and detox from things that make me anxious. However, do I enjoy this? Nope. That’s why I called it tough love.

I miss my friends and I am beginning to appreciate things that I had forgotten to value. Like being at work, surrounded with amazing people, meeting a friend for coffee, making spontaneous plans with my bestie and simply getting a drink after work. I miss going for my belly dance class and just sharing the space learning and unwinding with some great women.

While I can’t do anything but stay home with my really quiet parents and talkative cats (thank God for them!), these three ladies from UK decided to make quarantine a fun time! Doreen Burns, Carol Spark and Dotty Robinson from Salford in Greater Manchester are three BFFs all in their 70s who decided to make it one long sleepover party.

A BBC Breakfast reported interviewed these women who have been friends over 40 years and it seems like they have a perfect quarantine and chill plan. Doreen Burn, has taken on the role of their unofficial spokeswoman as she does most of the talking. “We’re in Carol’s at the moment,” Burns says. The women have been in their separate homes, quarantined alone and only after deeming themselves uninfected so far, they decided to stay together.

However, should this go on longer, they can choose to be based from any of their houses, each with its own pros. “Dotty’s got a lovely, long back garden, which would be great for exercising,” says Doreen. However, Carol interrupts saying, “Mine has as well,” before saying it’s actually a “yarden”.

Having known each other for 40 years, they are comfortable enough to admit they will also need their own space from time to time. “I have got a front room, in case we get tetchy with each other. That might be handy,” said Doreen. She also added that she has a Netflix account so they can binge watch The Crown. But Carol was quick to comment that if she had go through another session of the show, she’d fall asleep!

Lastly, Dotty points out they’ve also stocked up on wine just as the three women break into a laugh. This is when the reporter jokingly adds, “Well, I’ve heard about the wine. I believe it’s the only thing you’ve been panic-buying!”

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Whether they decide to continue staying at Carol’s or decide to make a move to Doreen’s or Dotty’s, they will make one hell of a party. I wish I was quarantined with my BFFs with an endless supply of Netflix and wine.

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