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Thoughts We Have During The Exam Season!

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You know the one thing that I don’t miss about school? Exams! The word was enough to trigger sleepless nights, and get me to break into a cold sweat. It didn’t help that mom was a tyrant when it came to making us study.

But I’m not the only one; it turns out that my classmates went through the exact same thing. There is a universal fear of examinations that, I now feel, is slightly overrated. We need to stop stressing so much about them, and actually breathe!

But given that exams are given a hell lot of importance, the pressure is only natural. And with it, the many thoughts that cloud our minds. From the nagging fear of failing to just wanting to give up and party… we’ve been through it all.

Watch this video that is totally relatable, and share it with your buddies, who are burning the midnight oil to get through this season!


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