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Thoughts I Had While Watching Beyonce Sharma Jayegi. Mainly Ki, They Must Think We Indians Are Crazy

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This song should come with a warning. The kind that goes ‘You will want to stab yourself in the eye’.

We do a lot of these thoughts stories. Where we talk about the random things that went through our head as we watched the song or trailer. But just this once, I really want to know, who thought it was this was a good idea. Some 400 plus people were probably on set and no one batted an eyelid when the lyrics rung in everyone’s ears? No one’s jaw hit the floor? Because ours did exactly a minute into the video.

Anyway, as you might’ve already guessed the song we are discussing today is Beyonce Sharma Jayegi from the movie Khaali Peeli. The song, to put bluntly, is as bad as its title. It really makes you stop and question whether you’ve turned into a masochist. Anyhoo, these nasty songs can be quite entertaining, if nothing else. So, shall we have some fun with it?

Having said that, here are some thoughts I had while watching the video.
PS: watch the video, I promise it’ll be worth it.

1. For a moment, let it sink in that they think in this song that Beyonce sharma jayegi. What have you pulled off for that to happen? She’s a queen for a reason. If people understand what it means, they will think we are crazy. Beyonce is to them what Rajnikant is to the people living in South India. Anyway, my point is comparing her to Ananya Panday, even if it’s for an “item song” is like comparing a rare pink diamond to well, a stone. And I say that in the nicest way.

2. Can someone please tell me why a song about how Beyonce would shy away from Ananya’s dance moves is set in what can only be a circus? It has clowns, mimes and various Indian folk dancers. I don’t even know what is going on there. Maybe the answer is in the plot of the movie. I am hoping that is true because otherwise, it just seems like they had to use a set they had lying around.

3. Throughout this song, Ananya has the same expression on her face that I had while performing on stage in school. Smile blankly and focus on not forgetting the steps. I mean, in comparison, Ishaan Khatter completely outshines her with his seemingly effortless moves. It seems like Shahid Kapoor’s kickass dancing skills are also shared by his half-brother. If Ananya didn’t look so vanilla, this song would’ve been better despite the ridiculous premise.

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4. I am trying to think of an occasion where I will listen to this song after I have you know, finished writing this article. I can’t come up with a single one. The makers of this song have tagged it as an “item number”. Why we still need item numbers in our movies baffles me but at least songs like Sheila Ki Jawani and Munni Badnam are as memorable as they are derogatory. This brings me back to my original question, who thought this was a good idea? Beyonce Sharma Jayegi, really? I know recently Bollywood has lowered the bar on what can be passed off as good music and this song really pushes it.

5. Beyonce Sharma Jayegi is the first song that has been released from the Kaali Peeli. Although let’s face it, it can’t exactly be counted as an endorsement for the movie, can it? So, here’s hoping that the plot of the movie is better than the plot of this song.

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