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This World Contraception Day, Check Out The Weird Things People Tried To Use As Contraception And Steer Clear

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Happy World Contraception day people! Yes, this day doesn’t come with a cake cutting and a big celebration but it should. We should really be celebrating this day and then using the concept into our daily/weekly/monthly activities. You must have read hundreds of articles on the dos of contraception but to commemorate this day, we have for you the don’ts of contraception. Six objects that people around the world have tried to use as contraception but have failed miserably. Unsanitary, hilarious and dangerous, read on to know what these objects are and please NEVER try them out. Just go out buy condoms, get I-pills (but not too many) or consult your gynac on birth control pills, but never ever try these. Have fun!

  1. A Balloon

Let’s get one thing straight, latex and rubber are two completely different things! And while you may use condoms as balloons, you may not use it the other way round . There are internet reports of people using balloons and we don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the idiots. One person writes, “I have never seen a penis turn that colour.” If you are fond of balloons, stick them on a wall not on yourself!

  1. A Disposable Glove

People have taken the word, “glove” a little too literally. Four years ago, a genius person posted a question on Reddit which read, “Would a latex glove and a rubber be a good substitute for a condom?” The answers left us in splits, one redditor replied saying, “yes, if your dick is shaped like a hand,” another said, “Would a baby be a good substitute for all the quiet time you used to have?”  Please run to the store and get a pack of condoms unless you are comfortable explaining to doctors why your penis has turned blue.

    3. Saran Wrap

It seems like a viable option, right? IT’S NOT. Saran wrap is for edibles, it is not the same thing as telling people “eat me.” A few years ago, two students tried it. The friction got out very out of hand (and pubes) and they were both left with bleeding genitals and rushed to the hospital. Yikes. Yes, you might have these lying around in abundance but it’s never a good idea. Do you know what else is in abundance? Pharmacies! Go get a box of condoms and for the love of God do not use plastic down there.

    4. Honey

This is more than an old wives’ tale. The story goes like this; in ancient times women would mix honey with a bunch of other ingredients put the concoction in wool and insert it into their vaginas. They believed it would block sperm and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Surprisingly people still believe in old wives tales. A woman had a cotton ball stuck up her vagina for days which led to a major infection. Eeww. Honey is used to cure a lot of things- infections, a sore throat etc etc but it is not a method of contraception, ladies.


I don’t know how many of you are familiar with famed sexologist Mahendra Watsa, (if you aren’t please look him up, he is hilarious) Anyway, someone once asked him if it is safe to pour a few drops of lemon juice in his girlfriend’s vagina post intercourse since he has heard acidic substances prevent pregnancies. The answer that he got was epic, Watsa basically said unless you are bhel puri vendor I suggest you drop all these weird ideas and use safe contraceptive methods. I fell off the chair laughing when I read this. But yeah on a more serious note, listen to the sexologist. Lemons are definitely not a thing to try out. Invest in condoms people!

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