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This Woman’s iPhone 12 Order Mix Up Ended With Her Getting An Apple-Flavoured Drink Instead

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Ever since I can remember, my father has been terrified of buying expensive products, especially gadgets, online. He insists on going to the store no matter how inconvenient it gets. He says he doesn’t trust e-commerce stores with electronics and for the longest time I would mock his nonsensical distrust. However, after reading about what happened to this Chinese woman after she called for her iPhone 12 online, my faith in online shopping is shaken. Well, just a little because let’s face it, more than half my day consists of scrolling through Amazon looking at products I absolutely don’t need.

You see, a woman in China, identified as Liu, ordered an iPhone 12 from Apple’s official website. She paid $1500 and was eagerly waiting for the package to arrive. But what she got instead was beyond anyone’s imagination. Liu received an apple-flavoured yogurt drink inside the box of an iPhone 12 Pro Max. As bad as I feel for her, you have to agree it’s hilarious!

Obviously, Liu was extremely flabbergasted at this turn of events. Especially since she ordered her iPhone directly from the Apple website. She made a video describing the incident on the Chinese social media site Weibo. Taking note of the matter, both Apple and Express Mail Service, the courier service company responsible for delivering the order, have started an investigation into the matter.

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According to reports though, Liu did not get the package delivered directly to her. It was dropped off at a storage unit. This makes it even tougher to pinpoint where someone switched out the iPhone with an apple-flavoured drink. People on Weibo have speculated that the delivery person made the switch while some say that Liu placed her order on a fake website.

Either way, the fact that someone thought of switching out an iPhone for an Apple-flavoured drink is as bizarre as it gets. It’s honestly the funniest thing I have heard al day!

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