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This Woman Walked For Days In The Forests Of Chattisgarh To Rescue Her Husband From Naxals. She Is So Brave

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I’ve always believed that there is nothing that comes close to the kind of strength and determination that women show when they passionately want something. Be it their relentless support to the cause they believe in, or giving their 100 per cent into claiming their position in the world, we stop at nothing. Ariana Grande was speaking the truth when she uttered the golden words, ‘I want it, I got it’, and we have enough instances at hand to prove the same. Especially after coming across the news of a woman in Chattisgarh who trekked for 4 days in a jungle to rescue her missing husband from a band of Naxals.

As scary and fictional as it sounds, the story of how Sunita Khattam turned from a wife to a hero is as real as it can get. She showed incredible determination in finding her husband, Santosh Khattam, a constable at the Bhopalpatnam police station in Bijapurwho had gone missing a few days earlier. Santosh had gone out to get groceries one day but didn’t return home.

An alarm was raised regarding her missing husband and finally, there was a word about how her husband might have been taken by the Naxals. Sunita made a rescue team with her 14-year-old daughter, a journalist, and a few villagers to trek through the jungle and bring her husband from whoever had captured him. Once she knew of where he might be, she could not just sit tight and do nothing. And it is this very determination that has reunited her with her husband today.

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Sunita shared, “He left house on the evening of May 4 to buy groceries and did not return. I decided not to think too much and made efforts on my own to free him. We rode on motorcycles and walked through rough terrain for four days before finding the Naxals who had abducted my husband on May 10. (sic)”

Upon finding Santosh, the Maoists there held a ‘Jan adalat‘, where the villagers persuaded the Naxal of his innocence and convinced them to release him. Sunita shared,  “The villagers and I persuaded Naxals to release him. A woman can go to any lengths to safeguard her husband.”

And call it her unconditional love, luck or her will to get her husband back, it was Sunita and her efforts that brought Santosh back from the hands of the death. While the police were hesitant on taking any strong action worrying that it might provoke the Naxals to harm their constable, we are proud of the kind of courage Sunita has shown as a wife. No wonder they say that if women set their minds to it, nothing is left to chance!

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