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This Woman Tea Vendor Threw Steaming Hot Chai On Police Officer When He Tried To Shut Down Her Stall.

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Some of the fondest memories I have of college involve having garam chai and breakfast at our local chai tapri every morning. It was something of a ritual. The chai vendor would tell us about his kids and ask us about our classes. Not to mention, he made the best damn adrak chai. That’s where my addiction to tea began. However, today I heard some news about a tea vendor stationed in a college in Bihar who threw hot chai on a police officer. This is shocking, and I don’t think I will visit a chai tapri again anytime soon. 

You see, a woman tea vendor, Sarita Devi, threw steaming hot tea on the face of the outpost in-charge, Suman Jha, on Sunday evening. This happened after the police officer reached the tea stall to shut it down and remove it from the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital’s campus in Bihar. 

The woman has been arrested after Suman Jha filed an FIR against the woman tea vendor and two of her associates for this near-fatal attack. Suman said that he had gone to remove encroachment from the eastern gate entrance and its nearby places after getting information about illegal tea and snacks kiosks. 

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He said, “When I reached Sarita’s kiosk and questioned her, she got infuriated. She first hurled abuses and later threw hot tea on my face. I fell down there and was taken to the emergency ward by the campus security personnel.” 

 This is a whole new level of intolerance. Whatever happened to calmly discussing matters? Hell, even bribing the police officer would be better than throwing boiling tea in his face. (Disclaimer: we know bribing is wrong and illegal. No one should engage in such behaviour. But you see my point, don’t you?

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