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This Woman Suggested That Men Find Short Girls Attractive Mainly Because They Are Easy To Control. What Nonsense

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All my life, I have been teased and mocked for my short height and petite frame. People crack stereotypical short girl jokes on me on a daily and I have learned to deal with it. Do I fit society’s beauty narrative of tall, fair and slim? Hell no and I have never let that bother me. I am short, dusky and proud. However, today when I was mindlessly scrolling through Twitter I came across an angry rant posted by an American writer that really infuriated me. This woman claimed that men are attracted to short women primarily because they seem easier to control and dominate. Erm, excuse me? Has ever met a short girl? This is such a bizarre and baseless claim. 

Feminista Jones posted a series of very angry tweets accusing short girls of being easy fodder for controlling and manipulative men. She phrased her posts in a manner that seemed like she was mocking short girls for not knowing that men only liked them because they are easy to control. Erm, what? Let me get this straight. Instead of calling out manipulative men, “Feminista” Jones is slamming short girls? The sheer irony of her twitter handle name is more than I can handle. 

In a now-deleted Twitter thread, Feminista Jones wrote, “Do short women not know how much of their attractiveness to men is related to perceived controllability? Is that thing y’all aren’t aware of? Lol cute” 

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Further adding, “Ask any woman over 5’10” how harshly men regularly speak to and treat or how rarely she is treated with softness and tender gestures outside of being in a relationship… and even then lol. A smaller woman can more likely be physically dominated and controlled, like a child,” Adding, “Shorter women don’t feel like “mommy.” Slimmer women don’t feel threatening. The smaller a woman is the younger she appears and that’s attractive to many men.” 

Okay, first of all, it feels like she is blaming short girls for being short and hence more controllable. Which is problematic, to say the least. A girls height does not make her more or less controllable. We need to educate men on why it’s wrong to manipulate girls, regardless of whether she can reach the top shelf or not. Instead, Twitter sensations like “Feminist Jones” are too busy height-shaming people. What’s that going to solve? Besides, is it only me or does it almost feel like she is jealous of short girls getting all the attention and hence has come up with this nonsense theory to make herself feel better? “Lol, cute”.  

Of course, it was only a matter of time before her tweets agitated netizens. Her thread was met with a very furious backlash. Feminist Jones was brutally schooled and trolled. I have to say though, she had it coming. 

A Twitter user wrote, “’Owning misogynists by exactly replicating their behaviour and treating small women like children who need to be controlled and patronized since they’re too infantile and weak-minded to realize the more grim terms of their existence.” And another one said, “Short women: did you know that no man authentically loves you? In this cruel world, the only women deserving of a man’s love are over 5’10”,  but tragically they are unlovable because men are afraid they could hold their own in a fight. I don’t make the rules — it’s feminism.”  

Her claims are so problematic and absolutely bizarre. Let’s just focus on the real issues of the world please? Lord knows we have too many of those.

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