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This Woman Slapped Her Husband After He Went On An Angry Anti-Mask Rant. Violence Is Unacceptable But So Is Putting Others At Risk

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Even after 8 months of living in pandemic times, some people just don’t seem to understand that COVID 19 is a very serious threat. The number of cases around the world is increasing rapidly and so is the death toll. There is no question that if we aren’t careful and following safety protocols, we will land ourselves in a very sticky situation. The WHO and other organisations have been screaming on top of their lungs, warning people to wear masks and practice social distancing but have you looked outside lately? It seems like people have just stopped caring that there is a deadly virus on the loose. And some people still don’t believe in the existence of the coronavirus and thus refuse to abide by safety rules. Like this man who went on an anti-mask rant in a flight. His wife had to slap him to calm him down. Why are some people so thick-headed? It’s a million-dollar question. 

A video that had gone viral on social media shows a man, aboard an EasyJet flight, starting a fight with a fellow passenger after he was asked to wear a mask. You can hear him saying in the video that everyone has been lied to and that the pandemic will go on as long as people continue to wear masks. His logic is twisted is extremely flawed. 

According to reports, the video is of a Manchester to Tenerife EasyJet flight which was just about to land. The man begins telling people that they are being lied to about the pandemic and after that, all hell breaks loose. He goes into an angry rant about why masks are redundant and COVID 19 is a lie. As the argument continues, the man’s wife can be seen trying desperately to calm him down but no avail. In fact, he starts verbally bashing her and so she slaps him. The man tries to hit her back but is stopped by the other passengers. 

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The airline has confirmed that the police intervene as the man was, “‘behaving disruptively on board and refusing to wear their face mask”. 

As glad as we are that the woman stood up for herself, violence of any kind, towards any gender is not acceptable. This incident shows us just how low our tolerance levels are. This man starts fighting after being asked to wear a mask, gives people an extremely random logic for not believing in the pandemic or COVID 19 and then abuses his wife when she tries to pacify the situation. Everything about this is problematic. 

It’s honestly unbelievable that people are still refusing to wear masks. Putting not only themselves but everyone they come in contact with at-risk and then spewing rubbish conspiracies. There has to be an end to this nonsense.

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