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This Woman Mistook Labour Pains For An Urge To Poop And Ended Up Giving Birth In Her Bathroom

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The more I think about having children, the more terrified I am of going through the process of pregnancy. I don’t know how I will feel about it when I do have to cross that bridge (or I don’t, it’s a choice) but right now I as terrified as Chandler was when he watched the birthing tape meant for Rachel. The reason for my fear is very simple- pregnancy horror stories. Like this one for instance. A woman gave birth in the toilet because she confused her labour pain for the urge to poop. This is as scary as it is hilarious. Okay, it’s maybe a tad more hilarious. 

22-year-old Billie Ward was told that it was highly unlikely that she would give birth on her due date. So, when she felt discomfort labour pains were the last thing that crossed her mind. Instead, she went to the toilet to try and relieve herself. However, when the discomfort did not subside, she called 999 (a helpline) for help. 

Billie was actually in labour and she ended up giving birth in the bathroom. In fact, she even managed to click a picture while the medics checked the baby. 

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After the delivery, Billie said, “I called 999 and said ‘I’m really sorry to ring you. I’m due to give birth but I do think it might be a poo’. [The call handler] just said ‘you’re going to have to get off the toilet because I don’t think it’s going to be a poo’. I was going to the toilet, being sick and trying to push this poo out.” 

The young mother is now using her story to guide other mothers to be vigilant and mindful of such situations. She said, “People get so overwhelmed but your body is an amazing thing. Let it take its course. Don’t go to the hospital too early – but definitely don’t leave it too late. It’s a mess you don’t want to be cleaning up. The number of towels we went through was insane.” 

This is just so funny!

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