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This Woman Lay On The Train Track After She Crawled Under It. It Was A Close Call

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The problem with people, and mostly us Indians, is that we never learn to live by the rules. Enticed by the idea of doing what we’re not supposed to, telling ourselves that not only we will, but also that we can, we seem to particularly enjoy doing what shouldn’t be done and even get impressed if we manage to pull it off. Sometimes it is going after a guy or a girl who is not good for us, other times it is breaking a red light on an adrenaline rush but this time, and sometimes it is trying to cross the train tracks in an over smart way and almost dying for it.

In a rather scary and now viral video, a woman from Haryana, Rohtak had a near death experience while she was trying to cross the tracks by crawling under a stationary train. Under the impression that the train had stopped and was going to be on stand by like that for a while, a woman tried to go from under it. However, as soon as she got under it, the train started moving.

The woman in the 47 second long video clip can be seen lying face down on the ground, hoping to avoid any contact with the moving train from above her. Passers by saw the incident and stood there stumped, hoping her quick thinking would save the woman, and it did.

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ANI shared the video of the incident with the caption, “A woman saved her life by lying down on a railway track in Haryana’s Rohtak after she got trapped beneath a moving train. The train was earlier on standby, awaiting a signal. She allegedly tried to cross it by going under when the train began to move suddenly.”

After the train had passed, people around her helped her get up, as she finally crossed over and as we assume – thanked her stars. The video that was shared yesterday has already gathered more than 104 thousand views and several hundred likes on social media. While her quick thinking is commendable, what is not is the neglect in following safety protocol. We need to not applaud such foolish acts.

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