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This Woman Jumped Off Her Balcony To Escape Abuse And Still Couldn’t Get A Divorce. Why Do We Hate Women?

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The law of India was written decades ago, and one would assume that its purpose was rather forthright and simple – to lay down laws that would not just govern the citizens but also protect them. And that has been true up till now, except only if you’re a man. For women on the other hand, we can shout out from rooftops, or even jump off them, but no one would take our word seriously. And that is exactly what happened in this domestic abuse case in China. Liu Zengyan jumped from the balcony of her house to escape abuse, is still not being allowed to file a divorce.

In China, domestic abuse cases abound, and much like any other country out there is no different when it comes to violating women’s rights. And Liu’s story is one of the many hundred cases of domestic violence that even though get reported, they don’t get the woman the justice that they so desperately desire.

Last year, Liu Zengyan jumped down from the balcony of her second floor’s apartment and hit the floor, breaking bones in her waist, her chest, damaging her eye socket and lower limbs temporarily. What people didn’t see happening minutes before that fall was how brutally her husband was assaulting her, and it was so bad that jumping from her balcony seemed like a better option. That someone should choose to plummet down two stories to escape violence should paint a fair picture of how skewed the laws protecting women are.

After being admitted in the hospital for days, recovering from her near death experience, she decided to break off the marriage and fight for herself. Not to forget the nation wide alarm that it created among people, horrified at Liu’s story. But the loopholes in the legal system and the government’s inclination towards making couples work out their issues before filing for a divorce, make it harder for women to escape the dreadful domestic violence in their marriages.

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With a 30 day “cooling off” period extended to couples seeking divorce, the entire process of women getting away from their abusive husbands just gets prolonged, leaving them battered just like Liu. Liu, shared that the problems in her marriage started back in 2017 soon after she married her high school sweetheart Dou Jiahao, 23. She said, “That first time, I did not call the police because I did not classify the behaviour as domestic violence. At that time, the phrase ‘domestic violence’ had not been imprinted on people’s minds.” Something that is all too familiar for women even now.

China Domestic Abuse

She went on to share how many times it happened after that, once when Dou’s own mother, scared by his anger sent Liu a text to lock her room and escape before he finds her. She shared how she could see him turn into a psychopath. And despite trying for a divorce, the government’s laid back attitude kept her from getting away, keeping her trapped in the abusive marriage.

However now, Dou is in full custody, after the video of his recent beating where like a monster enraged and possessed, he could be seen dragging Liu by her hair and thrashing her in her own boutique. It was finally enough as evidence for the police. But the real tragedy still remains, and that is that it took more than 3 years for her to legally get away. And not just in China, domestic abuse is a worldwide issue, now it’s being called a shadow pandemic. What is the point of having a system in place when all it does is protect and absolve men of responsibility, at the expense of women and their safety?

Today, Liu is set to open her own boutique and begin her new life. She was lucky to get away when she did, but what if the next woman isn’t? Something to think about.

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