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This Woman Insulted Her Boyfriend For Sending Her Cake And Posted The Texts On Social Media. She Needs Lessons In Respect.

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I love giving little surprises to my loved ones. Usually, it’s something I know they like. However, I have dated some wonderful guys who did the same for me. From leaving cupcakes outside my door, a big food hamper filled with my favourite savouries delivered on my birthday to sending me flowers, and more at work – I always appreciated it. Even my friends have been so kind, who do little things they know will make me smile. My editor gets me desserts when I am PMSing and I feel lucky! Honestly, for me it was the fact that someone went out of their way to make you smile that counts.

Since I like to do it too, I know how excited you feel when you’re waiting for them to see it. Or when you’re so affectionately thinking about what to get them. So I really appreciate any such gesture and never forget it! But netizens are furious over this girl who got mad at her boyfriend for sending over cakes and other desserts.

Screenshots of their texts are doing the rounds in which the boyfriend is getting heavily scolded by the girl, after receiving sweets from him again. She told him that she disapproves of food deliveries and that one should send gifts that the receiver likes.

In fact, she went on a rant about how ordering food online is unhealthy. She even scolded her boyfriend for sending her desserts when she is trying to cut down on sugar. Now I understand that she doesn’t like to receive food. My ex used to send me bouquets at work very often. And even though I appreciated it, I had to tell him that he shouldn’t be wasting his money on sending over these expensive bouquets. Like I am not very fond of them and they cost a lot, so that’s going to waste. I felt comfortable telling him that because we can say it to people we are close to.

But there’s a way of being honest. This girl was clearly having a major mood swing when she fought with her boyfriend over food. That too can be understood. Sometimes, when we are having a terrible mood swing, we’ve been completely unreasonable. At least I have. Like I have been a bit too mean and fought for no reason.

However, she actually took screenshots and posted on social media. She ranted about it in her stories and that’s just not humiliation. She disrespected her boyfriend’s feelings and privacy. Honestly, I would have broken up then and there. But before doing that, she also asked him to just gift her cash. She asked him for money, after scolding him left, right and center and simply added “lol” to it. Wow. And he actually did!

All Singapore Stuff यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, १८ मे, २०२०

All Singapore Stuff यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, १८ मे, २०२०

All Singapore Stuff यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, १८ मे, २०२०


Meanwhile, a guy surfaced online saying he is the boyfriend and said his girlfriend can be unreasonable at times but he loves her. Okay, so why don’t we find men like that? Most guys get mad even if it’s their fault and act like you make them look bad. He was apologising throughout.

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However, netizens didn’t like that girl’s attitude and they have been asking him to breakup. They called her a gold digger. They said she should appreciate a food gift. Well, I don’t know about that – to each his own. But she definitely needs some lessons in respect and dignity.

For that reason, I say, if you the food sender is reading this – you can send me as many cakes and muffins, I will eat them all and never complain.

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