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This Woman In The UK Found Her Daffodils In The Refrigerator. Her Husband Put Them There

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One day, when I was younger, my parents got into an argument about dinner which led to my mother challenging my father to prepare food for a change. My dad agreed and picked the seemingly easiest thing to make- pasta. He starts off but messed up big time along the way. He didn’t know where the salt was kept. And of course, he was too proud to ask. So instead of salt, he used baking soda in the pasta, while it boiled, and in the sauce. I mean, they’re both white powders so of course, they’re interchangeable, right? Long story short, it did not taste good and has become a running joke in my house since then. This wasn’t the first time he’d messed up in the kitchen either but I guess since men never have had to bother with those things (yay, patriarchy!), they’ve never learned. Not to mention, this seems to be a global thing where men royally mess up when it comes to household chores. You see, recently, this man in the UK confused daffodil flowers to be spring onions and put them in the refrigerator while his wife frantically searched for them. How hilarious is this?

It all started when 38-year-old Helen Newman who lives in Newcastle, England, ordered a bunch of daffodils from a British supermarket last Thursday. When they did not arrive on time, she called the store and even got a refund. So, imagine her surprise when she found her flowers sitting in her refrigerator three days later. As it turns out, her husband Dave, thought the Daffodils were spring onions and put them in the fridge. It’s a mistake that any one of us could’ve made but this is very funny.

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Helen tweeted about this saying, “Funny story. I ordered some daffs from Asda this week which didn’t turn up so I complained and got a refund. Turns out Dave thought they were spring onions and they’ve been in the fridge for the last three days.” However, despite having been refrigerated for three days, when Helen finally put the flowers in water, they bloomed beautifully. Her tweet has now gone viral on social media and netizens have been pouring in with similar funny stories of their own.

You have to admit, this is extremely relatable!

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