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This Woman In Mumbai Stopped Traffic, Climbed Her Husband’s Car And Threw Chappals At His Windscreen While Accusing Him Of Cheating. What Even?

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They say, love changes all. For some, it means growing into a better person for their lover if not for themselves, while for others it means turning into a version of themselves that they didn’t even know existed. I’ve learnt that people in relationships let love or hate become second nature to them. As easily tempted as they are outrage, these emotions can make you pretty volatile and no matter how intensely you’re feeling the love or the hate, it can sometimes get the better of you. Something that probably happened with this woman.

Causing quite a stir on the Mumbai roads, a woman who is anonymous till now ( and will probably want to stay that way) was the literal play out of the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” when she berated on her husband publicly and in a way no one would ever want to be confronted. Tailing her husband’s car for quite some time, this Mumbai wife suspected her husband of having an affair and she decided to confront him. Till now, it’s seemingly regular. But then she drew up right next to her husband in her own car, got off and right there in the middle of a jam in the city, she went on to create a major scene, as well as a traffic jam.

And no, it did not end just there. The exasperated wife, who was convinced that the husband was accompanied by a female passenger, the climbed on the bonnet of his car as she yelled at him to come out of the car. And to think we feel guilty even for slamming a door while in anger, this woman was so riled up she didn’t care if the world was watching their spat.

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Banging at the car windows, throwing her chappal at the windscreen, not once but twice, her anger captured through the video was almost tangible. At one point, she asks the police, to call the police. And while we understand that no one takes the news of their partner cheating on them very well, if they did, we imagine this woman has just about had it.

Reports differ on what happened after. Some say the guy was caught with the ‘other woman’, some reports suggest he was with his boyfriend and some that he was alone. We’ve no idea about the truth.  The three/two were then taken to the police station by the traffic police and a challan was issued against the woman for abandoning her vehicle and creating a jam. The husband however, did not lodge any other complaint against the woman. Guess, he’s the one who would be put to trial back at home!

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