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This Woman, In Delhi, Posed As A Police Officer And Issued Fake Challans To People Who Were Violating COVID 19 Rules.

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My mother always told me that there is no shortcut to earning money. You have to go start at the bottom and go through the struggle and walk the whole nine yards to get where you want to be. But then again, everyone wants to be rich and fast so instead of starting at the bottom, they do what we Indians are best at and like to call jugaad. Here’s the problem with doing jugaad though, it’ll fetch you money, yes, but it’s often what many would like to call (especially the law), not exactly legal. 

So, the million-dollar question is, how far are you willing to go to earn a few extra bucks? Are you willing to place a small time bet on a match? Which seems absolutely harmless until it’s not. Or are you, like this woman we talking about today, willing to dress up as a cop, stand on the road and falsely collect money from passersby’s? Oh, I am not describing some movie plot. It actually happened.  

You see, on Thursday, a 20-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly posing as a cop in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area and issuing fake challan’s to people who were passing by for not wearing a mask and other COVID 19 violations. 

According to the police, the woman, Tamanna Jahan is a resident of Nangloi in outer Delhi. She is unemployed and was charging people using fake challans to earn easy and quick money. Tamanna wore a police uniform, stood on the road and kept an eye out for anyone breaking the COVID 19 protocols. Meanwhile, the internet breaking a sweat at her guts to pull such a con off.  

Her plan completely unraveled on Wednesday morning when she was spotted by head constable Sumer Singh while he was on his patrol. When he saw Tamanna, he knew that something was fishy. So he called a constable, Ashok, to go to the spot wearing plain clothes and no mask. Tamanna stopped him and asked him to pay the fine for violating the rules. 

DCP (West) Deepak Purohit said, “Ashok went without a mask… Jahan stopped Ashok and told him to pay fine for not wearing a mask. When he asked her about her posting, she said she is posted at Tilak Nagar police station as an ASI. Ashok then told the woman that he too works there and has never seen her. The woman panicked and couldn’t show a police ID card to the constable.” 

Of course, then this situation was reported in the Tilak Nagar police station and they arrested the woman for impersonating a police officer. During the interrogation, Tamanna told the police that her financial condition was extremely poor, and she needed money to make ends meet. So when she saw police personnel patrolling the areas taking fines from people who were violating COVID 19 laws, the idea of conning people in this way came to her. 

A senior police officer said, “She recently got married against her parents’ wishes and didn’t have any money… So she decided to pose as an ASI so she could scare offenders and take money from them in the name of COVID challan. She was also preparing for UPSC… she gave the exam earlier but couldn’t clear it.” 

A fake challan book, the police uniform she used and Rs 800 was recovered from her. 

I understand that this lockdown has created several financial problems for everyone and survival is getting tougher now. But impersonating a police officer is not a viable solution. Yes, it’s innovative but it only looks good on a movie screen. Although, It may seem like a good option since no one confirms the identity of the police when you are stopped. We should BTW. And you may think that no one will ever find out, but sooner or later, you will get caught, just like Tammana did. 

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