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This Woman From The USA Talked About Her Hair Loss On Her Tik Tok And We Love That She’s Keeping It Real

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My hair and I have always had a love-hate relationship. As much as I have tried to calm my curls down, for some reason they are always holding a rebellion. Here’s the thing though, the texture, length and general frizziness of my hair don’t fit in society’s ideas of beautiful hair. Haven’t you ever noticed? The beauty standards for hair is- long, flowy and straight. And like more societal standards, it seems impossible to meet without a thousand products. Which is why it’s essential that we start tearing down these beauty goals. Like this woman from the USA is doing. Through her social media platforms, she is talking about her hair-loss journey and breaking taboo’s around androgenic alopecia. We are all for it! 

Jennifer from Tulsa, Oklahoma (Am I the only one who immediately thought of Chandler Bing?), has made a series of Tik Tok’s in which she candidly talks about her hair loss journey. Her aim is to shed light on hair loss and androgenic alopecia. Her story is extremely inspirational.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Jennifer talked about the struggles she went through when she first started losing hair. She said, “I have androgenic alopecia, meaning my hair is genetically thin and falls out more than the average woman my age. I first started experiencing hair loss at 21 and felt so alone. I didn’t think women my age dealt with hair loss. It was so isolating.” 


Jennifer didn’t shy away from showing her vulnerable side. She goes on to talk about the time she started wearing wigs because she was ashamed of her hair-loss and hated her hair. But she overcame that hatred and now she is much better for it. She said, “I first wore wigs in 2014 when my hair fell out due to medications. I hid the embarrassment of my thinning scalp under a bulky wig and did my best to hide the fact that I wore wigs. Back then, my hair loss only lasted a year. I slowly transitioned to my natural hair, but I started wearing wigs again in May of this year. That decision essentially happened overnight. I hated my hair and came to the realization that I was done hating part of myself. It’s been the best choice I’ve ever made for myself and my happiness.” 

Most of us freak out if we find a bunch of loose strands of hair on our rubber-bands. But the way Jennifer talks about hair loss, it really makes you think. This is a very prevalent issue, but it’s also talked about in very hush-hush tones. Her story is breaking so many stigma’s. 

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In the interview, Jennifer said, “Regardless of age, most women feel alone in their hair loss or hair thinning. I hope my page helps normalize hair loss for women. I’ve done a lot of emotional healing in the past year through wearing wigs. Today I can easily smile or joke about my hair loss. I think that’s encouraging and refreshing for a subject that is usually so taboo.” 

Further adding, “I started my TikTok and Instagram account to ensure no other woman feels alone in their hair loss. I’ve loved the community of strong hair loss warriors on my page! They encourage me daily. Every person, at some point in their life, struggles with self-confidence. It’s not just you. You aren’t alone in your hair loss. Take baby steps towards self-acceptance. Make whatever choice will help you feel beautiful.” 

Jennifer’s most popular TikTok video has over 9 million views. The video is about how she puts on and styles her wigs. A lot of her other video’s have gone viral. So many people have been able to relate and connect with her videos. 

She is keeping it real!

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