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This Woman From The USA Has Married 10 Times But Still Hasn’t Found Her Mr Right. Oh Well

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When you grow up in an Indian household, the idea of marriage is drilled into your head from a young age. You are told you will find your “Mr Right” or your “Prince Charming” and then you will be married off to him. But what fairytales never tell you is that finding your one true love is not all that easy. It’s like going through an obstacle course, only instead of monkey bars and hurdles you have to dodge your way out of a sea of men who aren’t right for you. It’s tougher on some people, like this woman from the USA who has gotten married 10 times but still hasn’t managed to find her “Mr Right”. We finally found someone who gets divorced more often than Ross Geller! 

Cassey, from the USA, has been married 10 times and she says she doesn’t care how many more weddings it takes, she will find her perfect partner. Her longest marriage lasted for eight years, while her shortest was of six months. And now, she is on the verge of ending things with her 10th husband. Oh wow. All I think of right now is my mother’s and grandmother’s reactions if I was in Cassey’s shoes. It’s would be a bloodbath. 

The 56-year-old woman went on chat show Dr Phil and spoke openly about her relationships. She went on the show to get relationship advice since hers don’t last very long. When Dr Phil asked Cassey, “10 times, really?”, she replied, “Yes.” Dr Phil then said, “When you say that, you kind of say it with pride. Has it got to the point where you just laugh about it?” To this, she replied, “It’s got to the point where I’m either going to laugh or cry about it. Sometimes I do both.” 

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How did Cassey survive 10 failed marriages? I can’t even handle two failed relationships. I am not sure if her perseverance and determination of finding her ideal man are inspiring or scary. Cassey told Dr Phil, “When I’m in a marriage and I just can’t take it anymore, I’m usually the first one to say, ‘That’s it; we’re getting a divorce, and I quit.” 

Her first marriage lasted 8 years before ending mutually. Her second marriage lasted for 7 years. The couple were engaged for two and a half years before getting married and they also have a son together. However, the relationship started going south when Cassey’s husband stopped telling her he loved her and would only say “ditto” when she said it to him. Further, Cassey says she is likely to call it quits on her current husband as he is a “control freak”.  

Even though she has been married 10 times, Cassey is determined to find the man of her dreams. She said on Dr Phil, “I don’t care how many marriages it takes; I will keep trying until I find the one that can love me.” 

All of this got me thinking. I don’t think I would be able to continue searching for my ideal man after multiple failed marriages. Hopefully, Dr Phil was able to solve Cassey’s unique problem for her because, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone would put themselves through 10 marriages. 

Maybe 11th times the charm, who knows? However, she shouldn’t add the phrase “until death do us part” in her wedding vows. That would be kind of ironic, wouldn’t it? Does anyone else find this completely bizarre? 

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