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This Woman From Noida Thrashed Her Neighbour To Cure Her Of A Physiological Illness Using Her ‘Occult Powers’. These Superstitions Are Getting Out Of Hand

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India is a country that is fuelled by superstitions and blind faith. Some superstitions like don’t cross a black cat or don’t cut your nails on Saturday, does no harm to anyone. But then there is a whole other genre of superstition that is darker and viler that needs people to have immense blind faith in someone or something. It’s scary and extremely dangerous. Don’t believe it exists? Just ask this woman who, on the pretext of healing her neighbour with “occult powers”, thrashed her with sticks.  

It’s a completely bizarre incident that the Bible’s teachings of ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ to shame. Quite literally. What I really want to know is why that woman believed she had occult powers. Did she get bitten by a radioactive spider or is she like a time traveller from the Middle Ages? Maybe she is just into some really freaky things, who knows? Okay, maybe that isn’t the point of this story and I am digressing. 

Coming back to the point, this woman from Noida brutally beat up her neighbour on the pretext of healing her (neighbour’s) physiological issues using her “occult powers”. The victim’s husband has filed an FIR. 

According to the husband, his wife was suffering from some physiological issue and was under treatment. The accused took her home, tied her up and assaulted her with sticks to get rid of all the ‘evil spirits’. This seems like something they would do in the Middle Ages. Talk about ignorance. 

The victim’s husband told HT, “My wife was already undergoing treatment when a woman neighbour approached my wife and told her that she could help her out with ‘occult means’. The neighbour took my wife to her house despite my wife’s objections, and kept her tied up at her house.” 

He further added, “As my wife started to scream, the woman played loud music to suppress her screams for help. After a while, I went to her house and rescued my wife. We immediately took her to a nearby hospital as she was in a very sorry condition.” 

What sane person would believe that beating someone up with sticks would cure anything? What’s the reasoning behind this? She obviously must know it won’t solve anything. The police have booked the accused woman, her husband and three other people in this case. 

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Look, having a healthy belief system is a good thing. However, it becomes dangerous when you put all your faith in something without no rhyme or reason and then impose it on other people. Superstitions and this kind of blind belief is a major part of what is holding us back. 

This woman believed she had supernatural powers so she brutally beat someone with sticks to cure them. On and off we hear of people assaulting or even murdering women because they think those women practice witchcraft. A month ago a woman cut off her own tongue to please God so that her daughter-in-law would return. It’s terrifying and unpredictable. I would say that people need to stop and consider logic and reasoning but honestly, that’s going to take generations to happen.  

Even if we can’t completely stop it, we need stricter laws that effectively work to curb practices like these.

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