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This Woman From Gave Birth To A Baby Boy After Being Kicked By Rioters. It’s The Kind Of Good News You Want To Hear

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This is a trying times for our country. On one side all the media and political attention is focused on Donald Trump’s visit to India and on the other side, our nation’s capital is burning (quite literally). Violent riots broke out in north-east Delhi on Sunday. These unnerving and chaotic riots is a clash between pro and anti CAA groups which spiralled into complete mayhem leaving hundreds of people’s lives and livelihoods in shambles.

The death toll has reached a number where these are being called Delhi’s worst riots in more than three decades. 38 people are dead and nearly 200 people have been left terribly wounded. The clash between the two groups escalated very quickly into bloodshed, arson, murder and looting. The mob pelted stones at locals and police officials, burnt down homes, shops and even a petrol pump. These riots have practically turned our capital into a civil war zone.

The situation right now is only getting worse since the authorities are entirely lax about it. But this is not a story about the danger that looms over our heads, this is a positive story about a small piece of happiness in the midst of all this horror. It is about a woman who miraculously gave birth to a healthy baby boy after being kicked her abdomen by the angry mob.

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It is a very scary yet heartwarming story. On Monday night, an angry mob barged into Shabana Parveen’s house in north-east Delhi’s Karawal Nagar. Parveen (who was pregnant), her husband, her two kids and her mother-in-law were sound asleep when the mob broke in. They began brutally thrashing her husband and even attacked her and kicked her in the abdomen. Finally, the mob set their home on fire, but the family managed to escape.

Narrating this terrifying ordeal, Parveen’s mother-in-law said, “They hurled religious slurs, beat up my son. Some of them even kicked my daughter-in-law in the abdomen…as I went to protect her, they came charging at me… We thought we would not survive that night. But with god’s grace, we somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the rioters.”

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Parveen was rushed to a nearby hospital who asked her family to take her to Al-Hind hospital. On Wednesday, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This boy is being called a miracle baby and despite having lost everything, Parveen’s family is overjoyed by his birth.

The reason this story needs to be told is that the situation right now is extremely tense, and we need to celebrate ever small piece of happiness we can find. And even when every person is spewing venom, this news comes as a ray of sunshine we so desperately need.

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