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This Woman From Andhra Pradesh Was Elected As The Village Sarpanch Merely Hours After She Gave Birth To Her Daughter. It’s A Wholesome Story

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Have you ever wondered why the rate of female infanticide is so high in this country? It’s got everything to do with the patriarchal system and its inherent gender-bias. While sons are praised and celebrated, daughters are treated like vermin. Of course, there are numerous double-standards attached to this. For instance, no matter how horribly the daughter is treated in the house, on certain days of the year she is worshipped. What’s that about? There are families out there who keep having children until they have a son. It’s a huge part of why India is on the brink of a population explosion. However, breaking this vicious system is a woman from Andhra Pradesh who believes her daughter is good luck. You see, merely hours after her daughter was born, this woman was elected as the sarpanch of her village. It’s a heartwarming story.

Battu Leela Kanaka Durga from AP was elected as the sarpanch of Korukollu village of Kalidindi Mandal in the second phase of gram panchayat elections. This was mere hours after she had given birth to her daughter. Kanaka Durga was brave, determined and focused on her cause. Even though the doctors gave her a due date of 15 February, she went door-to-door canvassing for her campaign. Who said women are weak and hence can’t do everything?

Kanaka Durga has promised her village a government that isn’t corrupt. She is also going to resolve long-standing issues like the supply of tapped water, laying of roads, and construction of drains. All this will ensure the overall growth of the village.

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On 13 February, when the polls opened, Kanaka Durga was the first person to cast her vote. Soon after, she developed labour pains and was taken home. When the contractions became severe she was taken to the government hospital at Kaikaluru located nearly 11 km from her village. At 10:30 am Kanaka Durga had a baby girl and that very same evening she was declared sarpanch of her village with a majority of 689 votes. It’s no wonder she believes her daughter brought good luck to her and her village.

Kanaka Durga said, “We are absolutely delighted with a second daughter after the first one three years back. Our joy has no bounds after learning a few hours later that I was elected as the sarpanch. My daughter has brought luck to me, my family and even to my village. Incidentally, our family’s first daughter in 80 years was when my first child was born three years back.”

As wholesome as this is, I hope that someday the prevalent mentality in our country that leads people to discriminate against their sons and daughters is overthrown. Women like Kanaka Durga prove that we aren’t weak or lesser than anyone just because we don’t have a penis. Never say women can’t do everything. More power to her!

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