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This Woman Escaped Rape By Saying She Was HIV Positive. We Think It’s Courageous And Smart

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I always used to think that it is my line of work that requires me to always be creative and figure out out-of-the-box ways to go about things. But, as it turns out, in India, being creative can really come as a handy life skill, one that must particularly be honed by women, you know, if they want to be safe.

For the uninitiated, such conclusions are being drawn after a woman escaped her sexual assaulter who was going to rape her, by telling him that she was HIV Positive. Yes, that is what women safety has come down to. Apparently, convincing a rapist that he might get infected with an STD is the only viable option left with women to escape becoming a victim to this heinous crime.

The woman hailing from Bihar, who was with her daughter in Aurangabad was looking out to get a lift home, when she was approached by Kishore Vilas Avhad, who was out on a bail for accused murder for his own father. As sad as the story already sounds, things escalated when Kishore took the woman and her daughter to a secluded place to try and rape the woman.

It is said, that during the time of a crisis, the brain and body both, produce what is called adrenalin, to equip you for a foreseeable fight. While there’s practically nothing good about the crime, we love how the woman thought on her feet. The lady in question made use of her quick thinking to tell Kishore that she is HIV positive. It was this statement that stopped Kishore and he fled from the scene.

The woman, then immediately reported the authorities and filed a case for kidnapping and molestation against the guy. With the help of the physical description, the police were able to track down the guy and arrest him. However, the learning here is two-fold – one that yes, being creative and quick to think can come handy for your own safety, and second that, an already accused criminal was this close to committing a crime while he was out on jail. It’s appalling and telling when the system fails you in this manner.

Like we said, it’s always difficult to find anything positive in a story like this but we applaud the woman for being smart about it.


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