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This Woman And Man Were Publicly Shamed, Tonsured And Paraded Around In A Village In UP Because They Were Friends.

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When coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic, we didn’t have many cases in India. I thought that maybe it passed us by. But well, we all have blond moments, don’t we? When the cases in India started to grow and everyone around was in the state of panic, someone told me to look for the silver lining in the situation. And when I did, I landed on the fact that people will now have more important things to worry about (like how not to die at the hands of a deadly virus, for instance) and crime rates and the violence against women will finally fall. Boy, was I way off base. Somehow instead of falling, the rates for crimes like domestic violence, rape, molestation, child marriage and all the other heinous things you can think off are higher than usual. Speaks volumes about the priorities and mentality of the people in our country, doesn’t it? 

Now, we can add something else to the list that is just as shameful and sickening. You see, this village in UP thought it was a good idea to parade a woman and a differently-abled man around and shame them publicly for being friends. And people wonder why India hasn’t developed yet. 

In  Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district, a woman and a differently-abled man were assaulted, tonsured, made to wear garlands made of footwear and paraded around the village. This happened on Wednesday and the people who partook in this vicious act were allegedly the woman’s relatives. 

Why did this happen? Yes, that’s a good question with an answer that will really make you think about the backward thinking of people. Anyway, the 37-year-old woman’s husband committed suicide two months ago. And the 40-year-old differently-abled man is a friend of hers who would help her out. 

According to the police, the woman’s family did not approve of their friendship. So what do they do? They shame the two publicly, tonsure them and parade them around like it’s some freak show. What a fitting punishment for having a friend, don’t you think? 

The cherry on top of this bitter cake is that the village people, who were not involved in this incident, did not bother to help or as much as intervene. So, when two innocent people were getting their face blackened and head tonsured, people thought it was essential that they make a video and follow the parade around instead of helping the two out. 

It’s incidents like these that really make my blood boil. Why wouldn’t you help someone out? It’s basic humanity. Actually, the question to be asked here is- why would you punish two people for being friends in the first place? And okay, India is a conservative country. If the woman’s family did not approve of her friendship I am sure there are a thousand better ways to deal with the situation. Publicly shaming and humiliating her is not the solution to anything. 

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An FIR has been filed against a total of 8 people for assault, causing hurt and trespassing. 

This is what women have to go through for having a friend. You know, it’s public trials that make everyone’s lives harder and more miserable. It’s shameful and sickening to think that a bunch of people decided to punish these two just because they were friends. I mean, what is this? Some sort of entertainment for them? That would explain the ridiculous reason and why no one lifted a finger to help them. 

Public trials like these happen very often. Especially in states like UP and Jharkhand where women are treated worse than livestock. They are punished and paraded around the village, just like this, for the slightest things. And the police can’t do anything about it because the villagers make their own rules and punishments and don’t bother about the police. 

This is truly horrible.

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