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This Wife Stopped Speaking To Husband After He Changed His Name To James Bond. We Don’t Entirely Blame Her

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We can all agree that people do some craziest shit to show off their fandom. From getting a tattoo in their favourite star’s name on their arm (talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve) to dressing up exactly like one of their characters, we have seen it all. Remember when every guy in his 20s got the Tere Naam haircut? That’s got to be the most scarring phase in history for hairdressers all over India.

But if you thought that’s the farthest a fan can go, we have news for you. A Delhi man (formerly) known as Vikas Kamdar here takes the cake for taking his obsession to the next level and changing his name to “James Bond” for good.

He is a fan of the British super spy and went on to change his name to the character’s name. He said, “More than my name, Vikas, I felt the name of my favourite star resonated with my personality.” Although his parents don’t know yet, his wife sure does and is not on board with the life-altering decision.

She is miffed and has stopped talking to her husband. According to Vikas aka James Bond, she’s afraid he’ll be trolled. Well, she might not be wrong. He said, “Her first reaction was of shock. She looked at me with anger, didn’t utter a word and then left the room. It’s been two days since she’s spoken to me.” The couple has a three-year old daughter and live in West Delhi.

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He said that no one has really taken this seriously, apart from his wife obviously, but he has officially changed his name and waiting for the news to reach to his parents whom he doesn’t want to confront. He said, “I know they will be mad at me. So I am waiting for the news to reach them on its own to avoid the confrontation.”

When Vikas talked about this to his friends and colleagues, they tried to talk him out of it but it only made him take the plunge even more. “They (colleagues) tried to persuade me into not going ahead with it, but that just strengthened my resolve in doing it. I finally started checking the procedure online and found an office in Rajouri Garden that would facilitate it for me,”

He has completed the paperwork and is now officially named James Bond. He said, “I’m fully aware that I might become a butt of jokes, but at least I’ll be giving everyone a reason to smile,” he said about his decision.

Well, that’s sweet. Hope his wife can too make peace with it soon. Maybe they will ‘bond’ over it.

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