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This Wife Gifted Her Husband A Collage Of All The Photos Of Women Her Husband Liked On Instagram

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Up until now, I believed that Monica Geller from hit show Friends was perhaps the coolest girlfriend with the most thoughtful and innovative ideas, especially during Valentine’s day. Be it suggesting a “make your own gifts” trend, or gifting Chandler porn, or even putting up shark attack under the misconception that it turns her boyfriend on, she nailed it every time. However, she might have just met her match,  for this woman named Gloria just won the title for the most innovative and savage valentine’s gift ever.

Turns out, in a bid to do something exciting and creative for her husband on the ever-hyped Valentine’s day, this Tik Tok user went a little too forward in giving her guy a collage of all the photos of the girls he has liked on Instagram. #Burn!

Inviting a bunch of mixed reactions from users online, this woman user named Gloria decided to put up a video of her gift on Valentine’s as she wrote in the caption, “Everybody is sharing what they bought their significant other for Valentine’s Day and I thought I would share mine.”  Except no one, and we assume that includes her husband too, imagined the gift would be delivered with a savage burn.

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Pinned on sticks, her gift was properly curated and included printed pictures of all the photos of girls that were perhaps liked on one of her husband’s random scroll on Instagram. In the 17 second video, she continues to say, “I got my husband this cute little box and filled it with pictures of all the girls that he’s been liking on Instagram. Hope he likes it,” and even though you couldn’t hear it, we knew it was followed with sounds of shock and surprise from her husband.

The video that quickly went viral on the internet had users comment things like, “savage”, while another one called it “petty”. One person also wrote, “Is he not allowed to like other people’s posts?” Meanwhile, the rest of us just sat back and enjoyed the savagery the wife managed to deliver!

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