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This Widow’s In Laws Allegedly Cut Off Her Nose And Tongue After She Refused To Marry Someone According To Their Wishes. This Is Gruesome

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Having lived in India my whole life, I am no stranger to the atrocities that take place against women. From rapes to honour killings, it seems like the patriarchal society wants to shut us up for good. Here’s the thing though, I want to talk about all the violence there is against women in our country, but I just don’t see the point anymore. Women are treated worse than animals. Yes, it’s changing but at a pace so slow, sloths are racing past. Until then women continue to be butchered. Listen to the latest case of a widow from from Rajasthan. A woman’s in laws cut off her nose and tongue after she refused to comply with their wishes. This is inhumane. 

This 30-year-old widow’s in laws allegedly chopped off her nose and her tongue because she refused to remarry according to their wishes. According to the police, the incident took place on Tuesday and the woman has been admitted to a hospital in Jodhpur for further treatment. Someone, please explain to me why there is no action being taken to prevent such crimes? It’s beyond messed up. 

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A police officer said, “One of the accused — Janu Khan- has been arrested while two others have been rounded up.” 

According to the police officer, the woman’s in-laws wanted her to marry one of their relatives. She refused to comply with their wishes so the in laws cut off her nose and tongue with a sharp weapon. Okay, this is terrifying. Widows in India have never had it easy. Often shunned in earlier times, now they are being subject to such atrocities. 

Why can’t women be given the right to make her own life choices? We have been oppressed enough. For too long we have been told what to do, who to marry, what to wear etc. Not anymore. This crime is extremely worrying. Are we really taking one step forward and ten steps back? That’s exactly what it feels like. 

We hope strict action is taken against the people who are responsible for this gruesome act.

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