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This Wedding Got Extremely Complicated After The Groom Ran Off With His Girlfriend And The Bride Married A Wedding Guest.

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What have we learned from Bollywood rom coms like DDLJ or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Apart from all the dialogues and song lyrics of course. I think they have taught us the true meaning of grand weddings. No one is ever fully married until they’ve gone through all the rituals and taken their pheras and even then you know there is a twist coming. I have always wanted to attend a wedding where there is a whole lot of drama, but these things don’t happen in real life. Or I’ve been invited to very vanilla weddings. I came to this conclusion after reading about an extraordinary wedding where the groom ran away with his girlfriend and the bride’s parents found her a new groom from amongst the wedding guests. Wait, what? 

According to reports, two brothers, Ashok and Naveen were supposed to be married last weekend to their respective brides. However, everything went extremely awry. You see, a merely a day before the wedding, Naveen and his bride Sindhu welcomed their guests, partook in pre-wedding rituals and even posed for photographs. That night though, he was nowhere to be found. 

Everyone started looking for him but it was in vain. In reality, Naveen had run off to meet his girlfriend who threatened to drink poison in front of the guests if he went through with the wedding. Naveen fled to meet his girlfriend in Tumakuru as promised. He disappeared from the venue, leaving everyone in a frenzy. 

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While his brother Ashok tied the knot with his bride on the scheduled day, Sindhu was inconsolable. Which obviously is no surprise. She was so devastated that her family members decided that they would look for a suitable groom for her from amongst the wedding guests. Because obviously, that is the most sensible solution *rolls eyes*. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, they actually found someone in the crowd who volunteered to marry Sindhu. Chandrappa, a BMTC conductor, came forward and expressed his interest in marrying the woman who was supposed to be marrying the man who ran off. Do you see just how complicated and absurd this situation is? It makes all the weddings I have attended look as boring as a pile of boiled potatoes. 

After this, the new couple, Chandrappa and Sindhu sat down with the families and finalized their vows. They were married the same day. Talk about a hasty marriage. 

Okay, honestly I feel like this incident is so bizarre that it could be the plot of Rohit Shetty movie. Why were the bride’s family members in such a rush to just pawn her off? It’s ridiculous. However, it’s also very entertaining for us.

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