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This Video Of Couple Dancing While Taking Their Pheras Has Gone Viral And People Are Mighty Pissed

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They say that all young girls spend innumerable hours visualizing their wedding down to the very last detail. I never did any of that. As a child, all I wanted to do was go outside and play with my friends. It’s probably why I never did very well in school. Anyway, now that I’ve reached an age where my relatives are finding random rishtas and presenting them to my parents, it’s time I figure what want, right? All I know is that I want a small, intimate affair and I want to dance and celebrate like never before. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, well hopefully. But apparently, people have problems with brides celebrating their own wedding because well, it’s not very un-Hindu (really!??). This revelation was made after a video surfaced showing a bride and groom dancing while taking their pheras. It has sparked a Twitter debate!

Tell me something, why is a bride, who is enjoying herself at her own wedding, considered uncultured? I get that Indians are obsessed with weddings and marriage but it’s a huge step in life and why shouldn’t a couple be able to enjoy that the way they want to? Even if it means dancing while taking pheras. We don’t live in the ‘brides need to be shy’ era anymore. In fact, I love that this couple did this so much I might just be doing thumkas during my own pheras. It’s definitely not something people need to get all riled up over.

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It all started when an undated but adorable video featuring a bride and groom surfaced on social media. In the video, while the pandit chanted mantras, the couple is merrily dancing away while taking their saat pheras. It looks as though they are genuinely enjoying themselves and celebrating a new phase in their lives. However, the fact that they were dancing while taking pheras didn’t sit well with a lot of people. While some loved their enthusiasm, others called it out for being against Hindu culture.

Please explain this to me. How exactly are they going against their culture? People on Twitter really need a chill pill. Maybe they should get off social media and live in the real world for a bit. Just let couples do whatever makes them happy, it’s their day after all. Check out some of the mixed responses the video got:

This not against the norms nor is it against Hindu culture. Let’s please just normalize couples enjoying their own wedding!

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